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Jumat, 26 April 2013


Adoring fans awaiting the arrival of Korean sensation TVXQ! – one of the most successful alternative K-Pop acts to date, are in for a treat! Just a few weeks ahead of the K-Pop Kings return to Malaysia for their highly anticipated ‘Catch Me’ Live World Tour, JPM Music and joint presenter Magnum are hosting a TVXQ! Roadshow this Sunday 28th April, from 10am til 10pm at the Ground Floor concourse of Tropicana City Mall.
This weekend, Cassiopeia can gather with kindred spirits who share their love for the musical stylings of U-know Yunho and Max Changmin, the spectacular duo who electrify fans with their smooth vocals and dynamic dance moves. The roadshow includes various games, a singing competition and Q&A lucky draws which will see some dedicated fans walk away with special passes and other goodies.
If you claim to be a true TVXQ! fans and want to get your hands on those special passes then grab your friends, get your singing voices ready and head over to the TVXQ! Roadshow this Sunday morning! Registration for the singing competition will start at 11am (or you may also register by email prior to the roadshow - however you must still be present to confirm your attendance at 11am on the event day) and the competition will commence at 1pm. Contestants are asked to bring their own TVXQ! material (CD) to sing along to for their own performance in the competition.
Tickets are still available (but in limited supply) for the concert which will be held at Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam on 18th May 2013. Don’t miss out on this experience of a lifetime!
For more information, please log on to for details. Email to for any enquiry of tickets or call +603-77128690 for details.  You can register yourself to get the latest concert updates too.

INFINITE’s L Reveals Cover Of His Upcoming Photobook

INFINITE member L has officially revealed the cover of his upcoming photo essay book, entitled “L’S BRAVO VIEWTIFUL”. The book will be released next month as a limited edition and consists of photographs taken by L himself. Earlier tonight he tweeted a picture of the book’s cover, which shows him staring captivatingly at the viewer as he is in the process of taking a photo.

After solo activities by fellow members Sunggyu and Infinite H (Dongwoo and Hoya), this will show yet another side of INFINITE’s many talents. Be sure to watch out for the release of “L’S BRAVO VIEWTIFUL” in May.

Juniel looks for her “Pretty Boy” in new music video

 Juniel is back with a new look and a new mini album!
After releasing video teasers and dropping hints, Juniel is finally back with her third mini album ‘Fall in L’. A music video has also been released to accompany the album’s title track “Pretty Boy”.
As it was said before, Juniel takes a turn in her style for the new music video. With red hair and pretty dresses, she looks fresh and cute as she turns many men’s heads, daydreams, and looks for her pretty boy. The sweet song also matches well with the concept of the video which makes it even more enjoyable.
Wait no more and watch it below!

SHINee Releases ‘Why So Serious’ MV!

After much anticipation and wait, SHINee has revealed the sequel to their comeback. The full music video of title track ‘Why So Serious’ was just released at noon on SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel.
Part 2 of their comeback features their third album ‘Why So Serious: The Misconceptions of Me’,a follow-up to ‘Dream Girl’. The album boasts a collaboration with international famous choreographer Devin Jamieson, who has worked with the likes of Michael Jackson and Usher.
The music video only featured 4 out of 5 members, as main vocalist Kim Jonghyun is still recovering from his earlier injury sustained during an accident.
SHINee will be having their comeback stage on Music Bank today, so stay tuned for the live performance!
Check out the MV below and tell us if it meets your expectations after the amazing ‘Dream Girl’ concept!

Lunafly releases English version of ‘Fly To Love’

Acousitc trio of Nega Network, Lunafly, has released an English version of title track ‘Fly To Love’. The music video is no different from the original Korean version, only the lyrics have been translated. The upbeat melody and colourful MV suits the personality of the talented group.
Made up of three members; Yun, Teo and Sam Carter, they have been doing promotions for their latest debut album ‘Fly To Love’ on music shows the past weeks. They are also venturing overseas and have been staging showcases in foreign countries. Lunafly is set to stage their first showcase in Singapore on May 12, organized by JNation Entertainment.
Check out the Music Video below! Which version did you prefer?

A Chinese fan of EXO cuts her wrist, saying, “Stop criticizing my idols!”

According to an April 25 report by TTungsun News, a Taiwanese news outlet, a fan of EXO-M, EXO’s subunit aimed at Chinese fans, uploaded a photo in a website in which she shows that she has cut her wrist with a knife, shocking Chinese netizens and causing controversy.
Her reason for the behavior was a surprise: Lu Han, a member of the singing group, had a birthday on April 20, the same day the Sichuan earthquake occurred, and some of the group’s fans tried to celebrate Lu Han’s birthday. Other netizens criticized EXO fans for celebrating Lu Han’s birthday rather than posting condolences for victims at a time of national suffering caused by the disaster. One netizen knocked the group’s fans, saying, “If all the EXO members died, their fans will hold a funeral.”
When the criticism went beyond being about the birthday celebration alone and went on to aim at the group members themselves, a fan cut her wrist with a knife and posted a picture of herself on the web, saying, “I’d rather cut my wrist than see all EXO members die.” Other fan commented, “If you criticize them (EXO), we’ll all cut our wrists and die.”
Many Chinese netizens were shocked at this behavior and criticized even more strongly, saying: “They’ve gone crazy for the group.” “Somebody stop them please!” “Why don’t you realize the image of your idol stars is going get bad if you continue acting the way you are.” “Do your parents know you’re doing this?”
EXO consists of EXO-K (Kai, Se Hun, D.O., Baek Hyun, Su Ho, and Chan Yeol), aimed at Korean fans, and EXO-M (Tao, Lu Han, Chen, Lay, Xiu Min, and Kris), aimed at Chinese fans. The group is preparing for its next album.

Hyun Bin captures women’s hearts in Shanghai

Actor Hyun Bin visited Shanghai and was warmly received by local fans. Hyun Bin visited China for the first time since his discharge from the military and appeared at a launching event held on April 23 in Shanghai.
Hyun Bin captured the hearts of women at the event with his fashionable, chic appearance in all black, including coat, tnrousers, and shoes, and a shirt with an unusual black-and-white pattern.
Prior to the event, Hyun Bin expressed his consolations to the victims of earthquakes that occurred in Sichuan on April 20. He said, “I’ve heard that there are many victims of the earthquakes. I would like to offer my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families and hope that the surviving victims recover soon.”
At the event, Hyun Bin gave out gifts to the fans and also gave hugs, which excited the fans in China.
Hyun Bin is currently holding a series of fan meetings after his discharge from the Marine Corps. They will continue in Singapore, Shanghai, and Guangzhou on April 27 and 28.

Girls’ Generation to go on first individual world tour

After finishing their second Japan arena tour, entertaining over 200,000 fans with their performances, Girls’ Generation will be coming your way for their world tour.
On June 8th and 9th, the 9 ladies will kick off their first individual world tour ‘2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour – Girls & Peace‘ at Seoul Olympic Park’s Gymnastics Stadium, followed by other stops around Asia as well as various other countries around the world. It is expected that Girls’ Generation will perform a high quality concert, showing their charms and captivating performances for the audience who have been waiting to see them live.
Tickets for the first concert of their world tour in Seoul will go on sale starting on May 9th at 8pm KST through G-Market. Seeing as how Girls’ Generation is a group with a lot of ticket power, fierce competition to get the tickets is expected to happen. However, international fans don’t have to worry as an overseas fan tour package will be able to be purchased through SM C&C‘s site.
Hopefully, more stops will be revealed soon. In the mean time, if you’re planning to see Girls’ Generation performing live, it’s better for you to prepare.