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Jumat, 26 April 2013

A Chinese fan of EXO cuts her wrist, saying, “Stop criticizing my idols!”

According to an April 25 report by TTungsun News, a Taiwanese news outlet, a fan of EXO-M, EXO’s subunit aimed at Chinese fans, uploaded a photo in a website in which she shows that she has cut her wrist with a knife, shocking Chinese netizens and causing controversy.
Her reason for the behavior was a surprise: Lu Han, a member of the singing group, had a birthday on April 20, the same day the Sichuan earthquake occurred, and some of the group’s fans tried to celebrate Lu Han’s birthday. Other netizens criticized EXO fans for celebrating Lu Han’s birthday rather than posting condolences for victims at a time of national suffering caused by the disaster. One netizen knocked the group’s fans, saying, “If all the EXO members died, their fans will hold a funeral.”
When the criticism went beyond being about the birthday celebration alone and went on to aim at the group members themselves, a fan cut her wrist with a knife and posted a picture of herself on the web, saying, “I’d rather cut my wrist than see all EXO members die.” Other fan commented, “If you criticize them (EXO), we’ll all cut our wrists and die.”
Many Chinese netizens were shocked at this behavior and criticized even more strongly, saying: “They’ve gone crazy for the group.” “Somebody stop them please!” “Why don’t you realize the image of your idol stars is going get bad if you continue acting the way you are.” “Do your parents know you’re doing this?”
EXO consists of EXO-K (Kai, Se Hun, D.O., Baek Hyun, Su Ho, and Chan Yeol), aimed at Korean fans, and EXO-M (Tao, Lu Han, Chen, Lay, Xiu Min, and Kris), aimed at Chinese fans. The group is preparing for its next album.

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