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Rabu, 05 Juni 2013

MBLAQ holds a showcase of their new album

 On June 4, boy group MBLAQ held a press conference and showcase at an art center in Seoul to promote their fifth EP, Sexy Beat. Through the showcase, the group announced the release of the new EP, which contains six songs, including “Smoky Girl,” the strong electronic dance number. This is their first new work in 17 months.
First, the group performed “Smoky Girl” dressed in suits, showing manly charisma on the stage as they announced their new release to fans. Park Gyung Lim emceed the showcase, and leader Seung Ho expressed his feelings, saying, “During our work, I’ve always felt that we have learned a lot by sharing the stage with senior singers, and we want to learn more. We will try to do our best to bring greater maturity to our performances.”
Chun Doong says, “We are here with help of great songwriters and choreographers. We will do our best to give something back for their support.”
The song “Smoky Girl” is an electronic dance number. It was written by Primary and Jianty, and Simon D. joined to make the rap.

2PM makes an appearance on SBS’s Running Man

 Teac Yeon and Chan Sung of 2PM showed up for the recording of the episode of Running Man that was shot on June 3, showing off their athletic ability, after returning from from the K-pop Festival 2013 in Gumamoto, Japan.
In spite of their hectic schedule, they looked lively and happy and were well focused during the shooting. An official of the show says, “The guest cast of the show include such people as martial arts director Jung Doo Hong and other martial artists. The strongest man will be chosen as the winner, making this an exciting competition.” It will be interesting to see how the singers do against such athletic opponents.

Junho apologizes for his absence from a movie press conference

 Sending a wreath with words of apology, Junho expressed his sorrow for being absent from a press conference to report on the production of his first movie, Cold Eyes,  (directed by Jo Eui Suk and Kim Byung Seo, produced by Zipcinema). The press conference was held at CGV Apgujeong in Seoul on the morning of June 4.

Junho makes his screen debut in this film in the role of an ace member of a surveillance team, nicknamed Squirrel. Because of a 2PM concert in Japan, Jun ho could not attend the conference. On the wreath he sent, he wrote “I wish I could be there, too!”

Han Hyo Joo gave her impressions of working with Junho on the film, saying, “He performed enthusiastically even though it was his first time. You’ll be surprised when you see the movie.” Jung Woo Sung also praised him, saying, “Junho really devoted himself to his acting when we were on location. There were times when he had to wait for eight hours, yet he maintained an attitude of willingness to learn from every experience of shooting. He did a great job.”

Cold Eyes is an action thriller that tells the story of a special police surveillance team. It will be released on July 4.

Victoria is a judge on Superstar China for one day: “It was a good experience.”

 Victoria, of the girl group f(x), recently appeared on Superstar China (我的中國星), which is Chinese version of Superstar K, as a special judge for a day. On the evening of June 4, Victoria uploaded a photo of herself on the judging panel, with the caption “我的中國星(Superstar China),” which is the title of the program. In the photo, she is dressed in tasteful black, giving the thumbs up and looking at the camera with a smile. Prior to this, Victoria had announced her visit to Wuhan, China, on her Weibo account. Now fans know why she visited the China.

Along with the photo, Victoria gave her impressions of being a special guest for a day, “Although I was a special judge just for a day, it was a really great experience for me and I learned a lot. Principal Tan (Alan Tam, a singer and actor in Hong Kong) and teacher Sha Baoliang (singer), I thank you all! It was an honor for me to be with you! I thank you all the participants for their efforts. I hope that all of you can achieve your dreams. Believe in yourself. Go for it! I also thank all the staffers and fans who were waiting for me outside. Go, Superstar China (我的中國星)!”

Getting the news that Victoria took part in Superstar China as a special guest, fans showed a variety of responses: “I’ll be waiting for the broadcast.” “I’m wondering how you judged.” “I will watch the broadcast.” “Wow, Victoria! Now you’ve become a judge!”

Superstar China is the Chinese version of Korean cable channel Mnet’s audition show. It is produced by HBTV and CJ E&M. The first episode will be broadcast on HBTV, on July 7.

EXO draws attention with their fascinating performance

EXO drew a lot of attention with their fantastic performance of the song “Wolf” from their first studio album. An official of their agency said today that the dance moves were the collaborative work of world-renowned choreographer Tony Testa and SM entertainment performance director Hwang Sang Hoon. The performance is so compelling from the beginning that watchers are not able to take their eyes off it.
Testa has done choreography for such world-class pop stars as the late Micheal Jackson, Kylie Minogue, and Janet Jackson. He also choreographed TVXQ’s “Catch Me” and SHINee’s “Sherlock” and “Dream Girl.”
The EXO members play werewolves in a forest wolf cave in their performance, which has a story to it, like that of a musical. They released their album in two versions (Chinese and Korean) at the same time and have started performing in both countries. It’s fun to compare the two different kinds of dance performance.
Their first studio album, XOXO (Kisses & Hugs), is sweeping various album charts.