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Rabu, 05 Juni 2013

MBLAQ holds a showcase of their new album

 On June 4, boy group MBLAQ held a press conference and showcase at an art center in Seoul to promote their fifth EP, Sexy Beat. Through the showcase, the group announced the release of the new EP, which contains six songs, including “Smoky Girl,” the strong electronic dance number. This is their first new work in 17 months.
First, the group performed “Smoky Girl” dressed in suits, showing manly charisma on the stage as they announced their new release to fans. Park Gyung Lim emceed the showcase, and leader Seung Ho expressed his feelings, saying, “During our work, I’ve always felt that we have learned a lot by sharing the stage with senior singers, and we want to learn more. We will try to do our best to bring greater maturity to our performances.”
Chun Doong says, “We are here with help of great songwriters and choreographers. We will do our best to give something back for their support.”
The song “Smoky Girl” is an electronic dance number. It was written by Primary and Jianty, and Simon D. joined to make the rap.

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