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Minggu, 23 Desember 2012

Wonder Girls’ Yenny to potentially take on the female lead role in musical ‘The Three Musketeers’

We haven’t heard much from the Wonder Girls since the news of Sun‘s upcoming wedding, but it seems we might be hearing more of Yenny at least, for she’s apparently being considered for the musical ‘The Three Musketeers‘!
A report surfaced stating the Yenny has been selected as the female lead of Constance in the musical starting in February.
However, when reached for comments, a representative of M Musical offered a typical vague response to TV Daily: “As official documents related to the musical have not yet come out, it’s difficult for us to answer.”
So for now, it still remains to be seen whether the singer will be partaking in her first official solo activity since the announcement of Sun’s wedding.

Kim Soo Hyun’s Military Entrance is an Issue Again

Actor Kim Soo Hyun‘s name was being dragged again in the issue of entering the military.
When Yoo Seung Ho confirmed that he’ll enter the military after Missing You’s shooting ends,
Lee Seung Gi and Kim Soo Hyun were the names of possibly following Yoo Seung Ho for military services.
The article even mentioned that Kim Soo Hyun will probably enter military in the 2nd half of 2013.
Well, let’s all just hope for the best for our beloved KIM SOO HYUN.

Female idols’ selcas before debut, ‘Who’s the most beautiful?’ SOHEE!

So who stood out the most pre-debut among the ‘National Little Sisters’?
Several pre-debut selcas of current female idol stars were posted recently on an online community board titled, ‘Which National Little Sister was the prettiest?’
The idols in the photos include singers IU & Son Dam BiGirls’ Generation’s Yoona, Taeyeon, Jessica, & Tiffany, Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung, Miss A’s Suzy, f(x)’s Krystal, Kara’s Kang Jiyoung, Wonder Girls’ Sohee, and After School’s Jooyeon. The photos are either from when they were in elementary school or in middle school, and some of them are photos from when they were trainees of their respective agencies.
Each girl is making unique and adorable facial expression. All the selcas have been revealed separately at some time in the past, but putting them all in a single collage is even more entertaining to see.
Netizens comments were predictably all supporting their favorite idols and it’s safe to say that there was no clear winner.

IU @ Aion Online – Christmas Version


SNSD releases ‘Dancing Queen’ MV and Hyoyeon’s teasers for 4th album ‘I Got A Boy’

The girls of SNSD will be officially back on January 1st, 2013!
After exciting fans with the possible release of a new track off their upcoming fourth album, SNSD did just that as they pre-released Dancing Queen on December 21st. The song was recorded back in 2008 and was supposed to be released instead of Gee, but got pre-empted and put on the shelves. Now, the girls have released it for fans to hear.
The concept of the album, titled I Got A Boy, is said to have a time machine effect where fans can travel with the girls to the past, present and future. And with the release of the 4th album on January 1st, there will be a teaser a day from the members. Hyoyeon is the first one up with her rainbow-colored hair and beautiful looks.
The music video for Dancing Queen can be viewed here.

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In parodies G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind”

Member Ga In of the Brown Eyed Girls was spotted up dressing up as Big Bang’s G-Dragon.
Recently, some pictures titled “Ga In changed into G-Dragon. It’s gonna spoil her concert” were posted on an online community board.
The shocking change in her style caught people’s attention. Ga In has parodied G-Dragon’s “One of a Kind” music video. Instead of wearing a blond wig, she appears in the strips of yellow wool and stands with the other dancers.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “She’s got the attitude.” “It looks good on her.” “I’m looking forward to her concert.” “That’s ‘One of a Ga In.’” “There is a tiger instead of a bear. That’s hilarious!” “Miryo looks cute.” “That’s awesome.” “G-Dragon will be surprised seeing this.”
In the meantime, the Brown Eyed Girls are to hold an exclusive concert titled “Tonight 37.2°c” at the Central City Millennium Hall in Seoul on the 24th and the 25th of December.

After School’s Lizzy changes into a cute Santa girl

Recently, the girl group After School’s Lizzy has changed into a cute Santa girl.
On December 23, the singer tweeted some self-portraits with the comment “Hey Lizzy guys~ Only two more days to go until Christmas. Merry Christmas in advance! I hope you have a lovely, warm Christmas.”
In the pictures, Lizzy is wearing a red woolen jacket and gives the look of a “warm” Christmas. She appeals with her cute charm as she makes a bright smile towards the camera.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “Happy Early Christmas, to you too, Lizzy.” “Lizzy looks so adorable.” “Is Lizzy getting ready for the singles party?” “Seriously, I think she’s the cutest girl of all the other girl groups.” “She looks lovely.”
Currently, the celebrity plays the character Yuri in MBC’s TV series My Sons.

Music Bank Jakarta: A Concert Made By Fans’ Involvement

Indonesian K-pop fans are currently preparing their excitement for the coming March 2013 as “Music Bank World Tour in Jakarta” will be making its first appearance, with SISTAR, SHINee, B2ST, Eru, Infinite, 2PM, Teen Top and not forgetting Super Junior to rock the stage!
What’s even more unique to the show, all the fans are encouraged to request what they want to expect in the concert, as well as recommending local artists and an MC to proceed the show. All requests are to be made at their website.
Kim Dina of Asia Top Entertainment says, “This festival marks the 40th diplomatic anniversary of Korea and Indonesia, thus we are also asking fans to suggest to us Indonesian musicians to make a special appearance as a way of introducing different culture. The show will be aired live over 90 countries.”
There will be 1 Indonesian MC to join the 3 other from Korea, as well as possibility of “Agnes Monica, which is currently in my request list,” disclosed Peter Harjani of Marygops Studios to perform.
Indonesian K-pop fans, which of the local artists you think will be best to represent Indonesia at Music Bank’s stage? Share your initial thoughts or discuss below!

Super Junior’s Siwon says, “I love money!”

Super Junior’s Siwon recently showed off a cute look.
On December 23, Siwon uploaded a picture of himself on his Twitter account with the comment, “Hyun Min is naughty.”
In the picture, Siwon is standing in front of a wall with a picture of paper money fluttering down. He’s laughing out loud, spreading his two arms wide.
People who saw the picture responded: “Hyun Min loves money.” “He’s so cute.” “The picture makes me laugh.” “I love Siwon so much.” “I wish that happens to me.”
Siwon is currently playing the role of Hyun Min on SBS TV’s drama series The King Of Dramas.

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee tries to dress up like David Beckham on We Got Married

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee recently attracted a lot of attention with his fashions style.
On the episode of MBC TV’s We Got Married 4 that aired on December 22, Kwang Hee and Secret’s Han Seon Hwa went to an airport to go on a honeymoon to Hawaii.
Kwang Hee took a baby doll saying, “I saw a picture of David Beckham holding his baby in his arms. I think a baby can be a good fashion item.”
However, Kwang Hee got disappointed when he arrived at the airport because no one cared about him.
MBLAQ’s Joon and Oh Yeon Seo got surprised by Kwang Hee’s look, saying, “Are you Goo Jun Pyo from The Boys Over Flower?” At this, Han tried to take off Kwang Hee’s jacket, but Kwang Hee said, “You can’t touch this. I pinned it up to make it look good,” showing off safety pins on his jacket.

Big Bang successfully hold a concert in Fukuoka, Japan

Big Bang recently met about 50,000 fans in Japan.
On December 22, Big Bang held a concert at the Fukuoka Yahoo Japan Dome as part of their tour of Japan, titled Big Bang Alive Tour 2012, attracting a total audience of 50,000.
Attracting a total audience of 150,000 in a tour of Japan early this year, Big Bang went on another tour of Japan for people who couldn’t attend the concerts at that time.
Including such hit songs as “Lies,” “Tonight,” and “Fantastic Baby,” Big Bang performed “Number One,” “Koeo Kikasete,” and “Feeling,” songs released in Japan. They also danced to Psy’s “Gangnam Style” in Santa costumes.
Big Bang will hold more concerts in Osaka on January 12 and 13 and at the Gymnastics Stadium in the Olympic Park in Seoul from January 25 to 27.

Miss A’s Suzy is sexually harassed on Twitter

Recently, an image was posted online with the intention to sexually harass Suzy of Miss A (composed of Fei, Min, Jia, and Suzy) and it has become a hot issue.
On December 22, a male netizen tweeted Suzy an obscene photo. Along with the picture, he used the term Skate which is often used to show contempt on the people from Jeolla Province and it made the matter worse.
Netizens assume that it may be related to Suzy’s recommendation on the movie 26 Years when it opened. She encouraged people to watch it as a citizen of Gwangju.
There was an angry conservative community that poured out raw criticism on the singer’s recommendation.
The community also overused malicious terms to depreciate Gwangju residents just because Suzy is from that province. However, it is yet to be known whether the Twitterian who sent such photo to Suzy was a part of the community.
Netizens who saw posting commented: “It’s clearly defamation.” “That’s disgusting.” “How can someone send such a thing to Suzy? He must be mentally ill.”
The problematic posting is deleted.

Additional teaser images of the gorgeous SNSD girls are released!

Before they return with the fourth album I Got a Boy, some additional teaser images of SNSD are revealed online.
On the 23rd of December, SM Entertainment released the photos in which the girls perfectly portray vintage punk looks, designed after the concept of “Funny Funky.” Each member came up with her own style, fully generating her unique charm. Since they have not come up with such looks before, the teasers give refreshing images to fans and build expectations high for their return.
Previously on the 22nd, the original teaser images of SNSD that were planned to be released consecutively were exposed online through SNS, and it seems to have occurred due to people’s increasing interest in their comeback. The incident let the group’s agency to release teaser images of seven members (Sunny, Tiffany, Jessica, Soooung, Taeyeon, Yoona, and Yuri) all at once and created a stir.
Today, the 23rd, some additional teaser images of Sunny, Tiffany, Jessica, Sooyoung, Taeyeon, Yoona, and Yuri were released online and spread through the official website of SNSD, SM Town Global Twitter, Facebook, and Weibo. Fans all around the world are showing increasing attention and interest to the group and become more curious and full of expectations to their new album.
Also, the song “Dancing Queen” which was released on the 21st is placed at the top of various online music charts thanks to the fans’ enthusiastic response and it does not seem to cease.
The group’s full fourth album I Got a Boy is to be released on January 1 in 2013.

Three members of Big Bang take a self-portrait together

Big Bang’s Seungri, G-Dragon, and Daesung attract public’s attention with their self-portrait.
On December 23, Seungri tweeted the picture with the brief comment “SR-GD-DS.”
In the picture, Seungri, G-Dragon, and Daesung are standing side by side, all wearing in white costumes. They may be in the same color, but appeal with different charms.
Seungri and Daesung are smiling brightly while G-Dragon makes a playful look. His distinguished hat design attracts particular attention.
Netizens who saw the members’ picture commented: “Three people with three different colors.” “Where are T.O.P and Taeyang?” “What did you guys shoot today?” “White costumes make them shine brighter.” “I want to see all the five members together for the next shot.”
In the meantime, Big Bang is actively involved in giving the world tour concert.

MBLAQ’s G.O says, “I’ll punish you if you keep impersonating me”

MBLAQ’s G.O recently sent a warning message to a person who has impersonated him.
On December 23, G.O tweeted, “I feel like I’m dreaming now because I couldn’t sleep well last night. Are you all doing well? Merry early Christmas! By the way, I don’t have an account on Kakao Story. Someone has recently been impersonating me. Whomever you are, I’ll punish you if you keep impersonating me.”
People responded: “Stop impersonating G.O.” “Why does he impersonate G.O?” “I’m sure G.O has really been irritated.” “Who did it?” “He should be punished.” “I’m sure celebrities are really stressed out about this kind of matter.”
On December 29, G.O will perform with 2AM’s Jo Kwon, Infinite’s Woohyun, B2ST’s Yo Seob, and Niel at the 2012 SBS Music Festival.