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Sabtu, 19 Januari 2013

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon gives a “warning” to his wife, Oh Yeon Seo

Recently, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon was spotted “warning” to his virtual wife, Oh Yeon Seo.
In January 19’s airing of MBC’s We Got Married, Oh suggested a cooking class to Lee, trying to make up the awkward atmosphere formed after her scandal with Lee Jang Woo broke out. They made some Western food together.
The chef who taught them for the day asked them, “I call my wife ‘Baby,’ and I wonder if you guys have some special nicknames for each other.”
Embarrassed by the unexpected question, Lee suggested Oh, “Call me oppa.” Immediately, Oh called him “Oppa” and even went further in a cute voice, “Oppa, I want some pasta.”
Lee suddenly felt strange and said, “Let’s just stick with the way we used to speak to each other.” Despite that Oh continued with her cute gestures, and Lee inspired laughter as he said, “If you continue doing it, I’m going to call you noona (the term that a younger man calls with to an older woman).”

SNSD’s Jessica revealed her worries on Younha’s Starry Night

On MBC’s FM ‘Younha’s Starry Night’, SNSD’s Jessica revealed that she was very worried about her ‘cold look’ perceived by the audience.
Jessica expressed “I was upset, no matter how time changes, there are still lots of people that judge based on appearance. I cannot change anything, so I was always worried.” Soo Young then comforted Jessica by saying “this is a worry of all celebrities.” Jessica also said, “I feel that it’s especially severe for me, I even have a nickname ‘Ice Princess’, but I’m born this way, I cannot change how I look, what should I do?”.
After the broadcast, fans left messages to comfort Jessica, by saying “Jessica fighting!”, “Didn’t know she worried so much” and “we will always support you no matter what” etc.
In the meanwhile, SNSD is now promoting for their 4th album ‘I Got a Boy’.

[Exclusive self-portraits] Everything about Girl’s Day

“Do you know the magic of bridal makeup? Do you want to see the beauty without her makeup on? Welcome. Let us show you some things beyond your expectations. We’re Girl’s Day.”
Every week, TV Report searches for some unveiled self-portraits of “idol” stars, obtain some candid, funny shots and reveal them to you. There will be no secret, and you can look forward to seeing even their deepest secret. Here it goes!
Our eighth target is the girl group Girl’s Day. The girls are extremely busy these days, working on their new album. They aren’t having enough sleep and are spending a hard day after another, recording new songs and practicing new choreographies. However, there is a moment when their eyes get brightened: The picture time!
They love to take self-portraits, whenever and wherever. They giggle and laugh about things that aren’t very exciting and keep on taking pictures with their phones, digital cameras, and even with a Polaroid! We’ve selected out some highlights of So Jin, Min Ah, You Ra, and Hye Ri. Are you ready?

Min Ah “I fell in love with my gorgeous backside~ What do you guys think? Did you say breathtaking? Really? Thanks~”

So Jin “Who are you? Lol It’s So Jin with a strong charisma. But why do I look scary? Lol”

You Ra “I’m 100% at my natural state. Hope you like it. Hehe~”  

Hye Ri “Today’s concept is bridal makeup~ When will I get married? Yay~ Blush blush”

“A group picture to commemorate this day ~ Everybody is happy with her makeup and here’s a cheerful V sign~”

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