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Selasa, 19 Maret 2013

Check out’s interview to find out more about Kim Hyung Jun!

Kim Hyung Jun was in Singapore last weekend for SPD Charity Show 2013. would like to thank SPD (Society for the Physically Disabled) and Mediacorp TV for arranging an interview session with Kim Hyung Jun. So, for the benefits of our readers, we helped you to find out a little bit more about your idol!

(Q – Question, KHJ – Kim Hyung Jun)
Q : What’s the best word you can use to describe yourself?
KHJ : 왕 대박! (Super Awesome!)
Q : What are the must have items you will bring with you?
KHJ : Smartphone, Sport Shoes and picnic mat.
Q : What do you use the picnic mat for?
KHJ : I want to sleep whenever I can.
Q : Your soccer team is named ‘FC Avengers‘, why did you choose this name?
KHJ : I choose ‘avengers’ as I want to be a hero.
Q : What’s the most-played song on your playlist right now?
KHJ : Justin Timberlake’s Mirrors.
Q : If you can have a superpower, what would it be?
KHJ : I want to be able to fly, because it’s very troublesome to travel by plane. But I don’t wish to teleport myself as teleport is too dangerous and may get oneself killed.
Q : What do you look for in a girl?
KHJ : She must be ladylike and has her own career. We must be able to work well and even after we get married, she will still continue to work.
Q : Do you want to date a celebrity or someone outside the entertainment business?
KHJ : All is possible, job does not matter. When I was younger, I cared a lot, but now I will just do what I want and have a free mind. This is also why my dance team is called ‘Free Mind’.
Q : When do you think you will get married?
KHJ : I don’t have a plan right now, but probably after my army service. also did a short personality test with Kim Hyung Jun. Results turned out that Hyung Jun is rather stubborn (in a good way) and is full of determination when it comes to solving problems faced. Upon hearing the results, Hyung Jun nodded and agreed to the above by saying “That’s right”.
During the interview session, Kim Hyung Jun expressed that he will be planning for an Asia tour this summer and will love to be back in Singapore again! Are you looking forward to his next visit?

Se7en says his farewell in advance of his enlistment

Korean Singer Se7en enlists in the military service on March 19. He will enter the 306 Recruit Training Camp in Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do. He is supposed to undergo basic military training at the camp and will be on active duty for 21 months.

Se7en is one of the singers leading the Korean wave, so lots of media and fans are paying attention to him. YG Entertainment, Se7en’s agency, reports: “Se7en will say his farewell to fans at 1:00 p.m. before his enlistment. He will express gratitude to the fans who have supported him since his debut.”

Other singers represented by YG Entertainment and Se7ev’s girlfriend, Park Han Byeol, will not be present at the event, out of safety concerns. Instead, Se7en will say good-bye to them in advance at the YG Entertainment office building.

Also before his enlistment, Se7en showed his new short hairstyle, and on March 9, he appeared on a special talk show in celebration of the 10th anniversary of his debut. He made his debut in 2003 when he released his first album, Just Listen, and his most recent release was Seven’s New EP last year.

Seong Min, of Super Junior, is cast in the Japanese musical Summer Snow

According to a report from SM Entertainment on March 19, Seong Min has been cast in the lead role, Jin Ha, in the Japanese musical Summer Snow. The character loses his parents and takes care of his two younger brothers but lives for the family’s happiness. He is a warmhearted man who has a strong attachment to his family and lover. Seong Min reveals a new side of his talent in the musical.
Summer Snow was aired as a drama about the love of miracles and love for family on the Japanese network TBS in 2000. At that time, it won the award for best picture at the Japanese Academy Awards, and the drama was highly acclaimed for both its cinematic production values and its popularity.
 A spokesperson for the agency says: “Seong Min has gained great popularity through Super Junior’s activities in the Japan, and he has previously achieved recognition as a musical actor in Jack the Ripper and Hong Gil Dong.
 Summer Snow is supposed to open at Osaka Amagasagaki Hall in April and will run in Tokyo from May.

Se7en Enlists and Leaves ‘Thank U’ Music Video

YG Entertainment’s soloist Se7en finally enlists for the army today on 19 March 2013.
A large number, from the media, fans and friends had gathered to send the singer off. Fans, notably from Korea and Japan, were seen with huge banners to show their support.

With his 21-month long stint in the army, Se7en left a touching heart-felt Music Video entitled ‘Thank U’ for his supporting fans. The track was revealed at his 10th Anniversary concert in Seoul held on 9 March, his last before enlisting.

Make a Date with Boyfriend This May in Jakarta

In association with Launch Group Singapore, the once dubbed as cute and pretty boys has changed their image into a manly stance – BOYFRIEND will be coming once again on shores to Singapore (16/3) and will continue on to Jakarta, Indonesia, in 11 May 2013 brought to you by Entourage Entertainment. It was previously slotted to be on 9 March but it has clashed with Music Bank in Jakarta‘s schedule to let the organizers make a decision to postpone the event.
With their latest release, “JANUS”, Dong Hyun, Hyung Seong, Jeong Min, Young Min, Kwang Min and Min Woo will not be the same kind of young boys you have seen them the first time. They’re all grown up and they’re ready to rock your world in a whole new way!
The Asia Tour in Indonesia includes Hi-5 session tickets along with other categories to be seen here.