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Rabu, 14 November 2012

“Ask in a Box” interview with B.A.P

Get up and personal with the members of B.A.P as they answer questions asked by fans in their “Ask in a Box” interview. In this interview, you’ll find out more about the members, in terms of their fear, what they want to be. etc. The boys certainly enjoyed answering the questions. Watch it below!

Tracklist for Dalshabet’s “Have, Don’t Have” mini album

Dalshabet will be making a comeback with their mini-album, “Have, Don’t Have”. They have recently released the two (2) music videos for their title track and now the track list for their mini album have been released.
Track List:
01. 샤르르 (For Daling)
02. 있기 없기
03. 유리인형 (Don’t Touch)
04. Falling In Love
05. 있기 없기 (Eelectro Swing Remix)
06. 있기 없기 (Inst.)

EXO-K become the new face of Samsung’s PC brand

EXO-K have recently been selected as the new face of Samsung Electronics’ PC brand, ATIV Smart PC, for the global online market.
Samsung Electronics says, “Each member of EXO-K is very talented, but they create a synergy effect when they’re together. This character of EXO-K matches our product, which functions as both a laptop and a tablet PC, so we’ve selected them as new models of the product.”
In the new commercial for the product, released on the Internet, EXO-K dances powerfully to their new song, “Create Your Smart Style.”
EXO-K have also been working as models for Calvin Klein Jean, Sunny Ten Blast, and The Faceshop.
EXO-K will perform at SM Town Live World Tour III, which will take place at The Float @ Marina Bay in Singapore on November 23 and at the SCG Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, on November 25.

Ko So Young launches a clothing brand after her own name

Actress Go So Young launched a new clothing brand and opened an official blog for it.
Recently, it has come to light that the star launched the clothing brand named after her own name, Ko So Young, and opened its official blog online. She posted some pictures of workroom and herself focused on her project. You can also read her ambition as a creative director of the fashion brand on her blog.
She posted, “I don’t search or study in order to follow the trend. Rather, I’m focused on what I want, like, and enjoy. Simply living your everyday life and a feeling you get from a certain object can turn into art or fashion. Fashion is one method of completing yourself.
“Above all, the brand Ko So Young needs to be me more than anything. I believe people want it to be that way too. And so do I.”
The leading fashion “icon” among celebrities who gives every item she wears a “sold out” ticket makes people curious whether her brand will succeed as she takes further steps into the clothing industry.

Miss A’s Min is about to give a sweet kiss to a dog

Recently, Min of Miss A (composed of Min, Suzy, Fei, and Jia) posted a picture of herself taken with a dog.
On the afternoon of November 14, the star tweeted the photo with the brief comment “Me and Him.”
The celebrity looks surprised, with her eyes wide open as she hugs a huge dog around its neck.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “Is she trying to kiss the dog?” “I was never jealous of a dog before.” “I want to see her with long hair.”
In the meantime, Miss A is busy giving performance with its new number “I Don’t Need a Man” released in October on various music programs.

Boyfriend’s Hyunsung shows off his abs

Boyfriend’s Hyunsung has lost weight and built up muscle.
Boyfriend’s agency recently uploaded a picture of Hyunsung on its official Twitter account with the comment, “Watch Hyunsung’s abs! Hyunsung lost five kilograms for Boyfriend’s new album. He has become real Janus. How do you like them? We hope you like Boyfriend’s new song, ‘Janus.’”
In the picture, Hyunsung is showing off his nice muscles.
“Janus” is a song characterized by an emotive piano sound, a lively bass rhythm, and Boyfriend members’ mature voices.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk found at a bakery despite the controversy with IU

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has been captured at a bakery.
On November 14, Eunhyuk appeared at his mother’s bakery in Guro, Seoul and spent time with his fans. Previously on November 7, he promoted for his mother’s bakery by tweeting, “It opens on November 14! I’ll see you at the bakery!”
In spite of the controversy with IU on November 10, he greeted his fans with a bright smile and kept his composure.
On November 10, IU created a stir by uploaded a picture that she took with Eunhyuk in the early morning of November 10. IU’s agency explained, “They are just friends and he visited her because she was sick.”

Infinite’s Kim Sung Kyu reveals the teaser video of his solo debut title song, “60 seconds”

The leader of Infinite, Kim Sung Kyu revealed the a music video teaser of his title song “60 seconds” of his first solo album.
After warming up for his debut by releasing one of his song “Shine” beforehand, Kim revealed a teaser video of “60 seconds” that he shot with his co-member L on the official homepage ( at midnight of November 14.
Even with its short length, 40 seconds, L and Kim Sung Kyu strongly expressed the romance of love with their shy smiles and attractive voices.
Netizens commented: “The teaser video already makes my heart flutter.” “Your solo album will be a big hit Kim Sung Kyu.” “I can’t take my eyes off of the video.”
Kim Sung Kyu’s first mini album, Another Me will be released on November 19.

After School’s Uee shows off her dark charisma

After School’s Uee recently showed off her charismatic appeal through a pictorial.
On November 14, fashion brand H:connect released the 2012 fall and winter pictorial, in which Uee showed off her chic and wild appeal.
Uee looks sexy and strong in black clothes with dark smoky makeup. A leather vest and padded jacket complement her trendy look. A sensational T-shirt also makes her look liks a fashionista.
Uee also showed off her feminine appeal with her slim and beautiful legs, which drew a lot of attention from the public.
A spokesperson for the brand says, “Uee gave various poses for the pictorial like a professional model. She captured the entire crew with her chic and wild charm and charismatic eyes.”
Uee will appear on KBS’s new Wednesday-Thursday series Jeon Woochi, which will start airing on November 21.

Miss A’s Suzy shows off her drawing skills by drawing caricature

Miss A’s Suzy showed off her drawing skills.
Suzy appeared on MBC Everyone’s Weekly Idols that aired on November 14, and drew a caricature of emcee Jung Hyung Don and Defconn, ephasizing their distinct features.
She drew the caricature because the emcees asked her to draw something after she said that it she wanted to become a painter when she was young. Looking at the painting, Jung commented: “You are good at drawing. We can use this for the cover of our album.”
Suzy gave a good laugh by saying, “That’s great! Then how’s my pay going to be?”

SS501′s Park Jung Min works with Viva Soul’s Zuwan

SS501′s Park Jung Min recently created a song in collaboration with Viva Soul’s Zuwan.
Park recently released the second EP, Beautiful, and released a video of himself working on a song with Zuwan.
Park’s agency reported, “In the video of Park Jung Min singing Zuwan’s song, ‘You See It’s Like,’ Park sings the song in an emotive voice. Zuwan’s acoustic guitar playing is also receiving a lot of favorable reviews.”
Beautiful, a new material released by Park for the first time in 22 months, is characterized by Park’s new musical style.
Park will perform his new song on Mnet’s M Countdown on November 15.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun sings a song for a TV series

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun recently sang a song for SBS’s series Daepungsu.
Kyuhyun sang the ending theme song “Once,” which was released on November 14 through several music sites.
The song is an emotional ballad about a man expressing his feelings towards his love. Kyuhyun complemented the song with his soft and sweet voice.
Kyuhyun is recognized for his superb singing skills as a member of Super Junior and Super Junior-K.R.Y. Since he previously sang several songs for TV series, the song “Once” is also receiving considerable attention.
The song will start playing on the eleventh episode of the series and to make it more enjoyable.

2NE1 Sandara Park shows off her birthday gift from Jeremy Scott

2NE1 Sandara Park recently showed off her sneakers given as a birthday gift.
On November 14, the 2NE1 beauty posted a photo of her new sneakers with the caption “I got them from Jeremy Scott! They are the only design in the world! I love the wings on them. Pink & the only design.. I’m crazy about them.”
In the photo, Sandara is all smiles, holding a pair of pink sneakers given by Jeremy Scott. The all-pink sneaks looks unique with a pair of wings on each shoe.
Previously, the American designer tweeted a photo taken at the singer’s birthday bash and a photo of the famous pink sneakers for Dara, which received a lot of attention.

NocutV interviews 4Minute’s Hyuna, Gayoon and BTOB’s Minhyuk

NocutV caught up with 4Minute’s Hyuna, Gayoon and BTOB’s Minhyuk at the set where they were filming the CF for the Tap Water Campaign hosted by CBS and the Relations Council. The CF is like a music video as the three have recorded the campaign song titled, “Tap Water Love”. See behind-the-scenes footage of the CF and know more about the campaign as well as the activities of the two group!

Super Junior – M shows how dorky they are for Bonrich!

Super Junior – M, one of the popular sub-groups of international Korean boy group Super Junior, are endorsing Bonrich Biscuits. A BTS footage of Super Junior – M has been revealed wherein the boys are in the middle of their photoshoot for the endorsement. The boys fully showed their adorable and dorky side by having fun and fooling around. You can watch the cuteness below!

[News] Song Joong Ki of Innocent Man has a dramatic turn of events !

Song Joong Ki will surprise the audience on KBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series Innocent Man.
On the last episode of the series, which aired last week, Jae Hee (played by Park Si Yeon) cried and Ma Roo (played by Song Joong Ki) gave her a hug. Eun Ki (played by Moon Chae Won) saw them sharing a hug and the series ended.
On the nineteenth episode of the series, which will air on November 14, Ma Roo will make an unexpected decision.Joon Ha (played by Lee Sang Yeop) also made a big decision and visited Ma Roo. The scene made many people wonder what kind of decision he has made.A spokesperson for the series says, “The plot will be developed fast. Please tune on the series and see what will Ma Roo do and what kind of result he will get.”They are only two episodes of the series have left until the end.
  • Source: TV Report

Jung YongHwa as an MC at SBS KPOP in LA

Via @ Chodingsgirl / Chicchoq

[Photo] 2NE1 @ Incheon Airport