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Selasa, 09 April 2013

Girls’ Generation Goddess and Pretty Deer Yoona

Let’s recall my memories back, how do I knew you ?
Ah, it’s Genie ! You always stand in front, in every Genie performances ! ^^
^_^ You just love to take selca, when you’re free ! (Such an adorable pout face ~)
I bet, you’ll remember this screenshot. This is one of the Innisfree CF. You’re a CF queen among SNSD, indeed ! :crazy:
WHAT ? You didn’t admit it ?!
Hey, you’re making an innocent face to me ! XD OK, I believe you, not just you, your 8 sisters also like to film CF ~
As SONEs know, one of your nicknames, Alligator Yoon ! XD
Girls’ Generation Pretty Deer Yoona
Eat and drink well !
(But, not drinking soju ! XD Hmm, maybe once a while, it’s OK, to release your stress after your works.)
Always remember, sleep well. (You’d been busy with your activities recently. As we became busy, we almost didn’t have time, to sleep well.)
Yoona, your dear 6 angels and 2 pervert sisters : Taeyeon (ByunTae) and Jessica (ByunSica) <—– Don’t get mad, SONEs ~
Always staying by your side, protecting and loving you !
I always support and praying for you, and SNSD, with a rapid sucess !
Wish you always smiling and laughing happily in your life !
(This is the most EPIC one, from you ! ^^)

GD’s One of A Kind World Tour in Singapore

On 9th April, Y.G. Entertainment’s official twitter page (@ygent_official) released the news that tickets for GD’s [One Of A Kind] concert in Singapre which will be held on April 29 and 30 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Will officially start sales on Friday April 12, 10am (Singapore Time) at
The organizing company for the concert, “One Production” also released similar information about when the ticket sale will take place but information about ticket price, seat plans or whether there will be priority sale for the concert has yet to be released. Ticketing company has yet to put up any information about the concert details as well.
For the next few days, fans will definitely be waiting anxiously for more details about the concert.

Gong Hyojin and So Jisub are being considered for main roles in The Lord’s Sun

Actress Gong Hyojin and Actor So Jisub are likely to act in the same drama series. According to an April 9 announcement by SBS, though they have not concluded a contract yet, it is almost certain that the two will play main characters in The Lord’s Sun (written by Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran, directed by Jin Hyuk), which is to be aired on SBS starting in late July.

The Lord’s Sun is combination of horror and romantic comedy, targeting the summer season. The story is about a woman who sees ghosts and a man sticks by her side.

Moon Suk Hwan, the president of the production company Bonfactory, has told Star News, “Gong Hyojin and So Jisub are getting positive consideration for the leading roles in The Lord’s Sun..

The drama is drawing attention from both inside and outside of the TV drama industry because it is a collaboration between the Hong sisters, who wrote You are Beautiful and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, and the production company Bonfactory. It is expected to appeal greatly to viewers because of director Jin Hyuk, who also directed Shining Inheritance, and because the lead actors are likely to be Gong Hyojin and So jisub

2PM wraps up its Asia tour with a successful concert in Bangkok

On April 9, 2PM’s agency said: “On April 8, 2PM held a concert of their What Time Is It? Asia tour at Bangkok Impact Arena. They had a press conference and a high-five event on April 7. All the members of the group, not just its Thai member Nickhun, said hello in the Thai language. The atmosphere at the concert was hotter than ever with about 10,000 shouting fans. To repay the Thai fans for their ardent support, 2PM gave a special performance of the song “Ruk Tur,” which is popular in Thailand.”

2PM said: “Thailand is special to us because it’s Nickhun’s homeland. We want to thank you for your love and support, which touched us. We really appreciate the wonderful time the Thai fans have shown us.”

Meanwhile, 2PM has released a preview of what they intend to do when they return to performing in Korea in May.

Kara’s Goo hara will sing for the sound track of the Japanese drama series Galileo

On April 9, according to a report from Kara’s agency, DSP Media, Goo hara, a member of the group, will participate in the production of the sound track for Fuji TV’s drama series Galileo. The series will begin airing on the 15th of April. Goo hara and Japanese singer Fukusima Masaharu form the project group Hara Plus, which will sing the theme song, “The Power Of Love.”

This is first time for Goo hara to participate in the recording of a song for a sound track with a popular foreign singer. Fukusima Masaharu is an actor and singer beloved in Japan. He debuted in 1990 with his single “Memories Of Rain” and has appeared in many works such as the movie Suspect X.

Galileo is a detective drama about a genius physicist and rookie woman detective who uncover a mystery. A drama with same title was broadcast in 2007 and gained popularity. This new version adds new stories while following the premise of the original. It will begin airing on May 6 through the Korean cable channel MBC Queen and will also air in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

G-Dragon and Lee Hi will perform at Psy’s concert

On April 3, Psy’s agency announced: “Both of G-Dragon and Lee Hi will perform at Psy’s solo concert. G-Dragon is going to sing his new song “Michi Go,” but Lee Hi has not decided which song she will sing yet. The details about their performance will be finalized soon.”

Psy will hold the big concert for an invited audience of about 50,000 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 13th of April. Psy will perform hit song of last year, “Gangnam Style,” and will also reveal his new song “Gentleman” during the concert.

G-Dragon, who started his first solo world tour last month, will appear and give a charismatic performance as a special guest at Psy’s concert in advance of his overseas activities and the release of his new song. Also, Lee Hi, who has released her first album, is planning to establish herself through exposure to the world fans at this concert.

Psy’s solo concert, titled “Happening,” involves an investment of over 30 billion won. It will be broadcast live worldwide on his YouTube channel.

Tiger JK produces MIB’s new EP

On April 8, MIB’s agency reported: “MIB has released a teaser clip of its new song ‘Nod along,’ on its official YouTube channel and online music sites. The song is from the group’s latest EP. The strong sound in the teaser hints that the group will be back with an extreme makeover.”

A spokesperson for the group says that MIB has worked on the EP with Tiger JK since last summer. The production expertise of Tiger JK, who is a seasoned hip-hop musician, makes MIB’s new songs powerful.”

MIB is comprised of four members, 5zic, YoungCream, SIMS, and KangNam. The group debuted last year with the release of the lead track, “Only Hard for Me,” of its EP Illusion.

U-KISS forms new sub-unit, uBeat

NH Media’s boy group U-KISS will be jumping aboard the growing trend of sub-units. The company made an official announcement, revealing the group’s first ever sub-unit, uBeat.
Sub-unit uBeat is a duo consisting of rappers AJ and Eli, and will have a special featuring by vocalist Kevin. Their debut has been slated for the end of April, with well-known producer Brave Brothers working on the title track. Just as its name goes, uBeat aims to inject the unique beat and sounds of U-KISS into their music. Could this be another hip-hop/rapper sub-unit concept?
Are you looking forward to this sub-unit? If you had your pick, which members would you put in a sub-unit?

12 K-pop Fashion Trends You’ll Love

K-pop is known for setting fashion trends and new styles. While some of the looks are truly noteworthy in the fashion world, some of the more extreme styles only belong in the edgier world of music videos!

We’ve gathered one dozen K-pop fashion trends that can be worn everyday. Whether you’d like to imitate the whole look or incorporate the trends into your wardrobe with K-pop inspired accessories, you’re sure to find something that will make you feel like your favorite K-pop artist.
 So without further delay, here are 12 K-pop fashion trends that you will love!

#1 Crazy Colored Hair: If you’re feeling bold, you can go for the more shocking tones we see sported in K-pop. If you are more conservative, try colored tips or highlites. If you’re still not convinced that these bold colors are for you, then try a temporary hair spray color like pink or blue. The colors are bright and vivid, but they completely wash out after 1-2 showers.

#2 School Girl Look: K-pop has definitely been inspired by the popularity of dramas like “Playful Kiss”, where we see the cast members in adorable, preppy school uniforms. Female K-pop artists especially are embracing this look which manages to be both flirty and innocent at the same time.

 #3 Outrageous Makeup: K-pop artists have always been fans of bold, black eyeliner and heavily accentuated eyes. Lately however, we’re seeing even bolder eyeshadows and huge, false eyelashes. Also seen recently are bright lip colors or wacky patterns as seen on 2ne1 and G-Dragon. The key to this trend is choosing just one feature to accentuate. Stick to lips or eyes only… if you try to do both, you’ll just end up looking like a clown!
#4 Feminine Hair Accesories: Stars like Lee Hi embrace their feminine side with soft, sweet colors like different shades of pink. One of the most popular trends among these ladies? Feminine hair accessories! Whether it’s a cute bow, a quirky flower or a sweet headband, these girls look adorable!

 #5 Nerdy Glasses: Practically everyone has a pair of these glasses! We’ve seen them in a variety of colors (from red to clear) but the most common example among the stars is black.  From fashion icons like T.O.P. to Kim Hyun Joong, everyone is getting their geek on with these thick frames.
 #6 Neon Colors: Whether your style is funky like BIGBANG or more feminine like Wonder Girls, bright neon colors are something you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe! If you’re not ready to embrace such bright colors in an entire outfit, try adding some accessories for a pop of color. With electric blue bracelets or hot pink ballet flats, any outfit will look fashionable!

 #7 Animal Prints: Bold animal prints are especially popular right now among K-pop artists. Their particular favorite seems to be this leopard print in various shades and sizes. Whether it’s on a jacket or a simple headband, both guys and girls in the K-pop industry are embracing this trend.
  #8 Military Accents: The military trend is very popular right now. Although some artists are going for a full out military inspired outfit, most just add military accents to their outfits with hats and jackets. This is a stylish look that works for both males and females. If you’re a girl, try adding just one military inspired piece to an otherwise feminine outfit for a cute mixture of girly and tough. The key with this trend is mixing the pieces into your outfit so you don’t look like you’re wearing a costume!
 #9 Baby Doll Makeup: The important factor in this trend is making it look natural. The goal is to have flawless skin, blushing cheeks, pouty pink lips and impossibly huge eyes. Forget the heavy eyeshadows and concentrate on filling in the lash line with eyeliner and lots of mascara to make your eyes look even bigger. Lips and cheeks should be kept in the same rosy shade.
 #10 Clashing 80′s Patterns: This trend isn’t for the faint of heart. If your style is bold and funky like BIGBANG or 2ne1, this is the trend for you! Take any 80′s inspired print and mix it with another bold print. It works best if one print is larger than the other. Try a bold print on top and a slightly smaller print on the bottom. To keep it from clashing too much, add one piece to the outfit in a solid color. It helps break up the patterns and give the outfit a center. When doing this look, keep the accessories simple.
#11 Girly Mini-Dresses: When you’re feeling flirty and feminine, go all out with a short, sweet mini-dress. The skirt should be full and floaty. Shorter lengths keep it youthful and modern. This look works best in softer tones like pastel pink and purple. Keep to the trend and wear feminine accessories and sweet makeup.
 #12 Colored Pants: While SHINee has been wearing pastel pants for a while now, the trend is catching on with other bands and artists as well. Boy bands are still seen wearing pastel colors and girl bands are sticking to slightly bolder colors. Whether you prefer soft pink or bright red, this look offers a way to express your individuality while staying comfortable. Try these colored pants in denim or in a chino version.
What do you think of these trends? Are there other trends you want to see featured? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below!

If you try some of these trends, tweet us your picture!