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Selasa, 09 April 2013

Kara’s Goo hara will sing for the sound track of the Japanese drama series Galileo

On April 9, according to a report from Kara’s agency, DSP Media, Goo hara, a member of the group, will participate in the production of the sound track for Fuji TV’s drama series Galileo. The series will begin airing on the 15th of April. Goo hara and Japanese singer Fukusima Masaharu form the project group Hara Plus, which will sing the theme song, “The Power Of Love.”

This is first time for Goo hara to participate in the recording of a song for a sound track with a popular foreign singer. Fukusima Masaharu is an actor and singer beloved in Japan. He debuted in 1990 with his single “Memories Of Rain” and has appeared in many works such as the movie Suspect X.

Galileo is a detective drama about a genius physicist and rookie woman detective who uncover a mystery. A drama with same title was broadcast in 2007 and gained popularity. This new version adds new stories while following the premise of the original. It will begin airing on May 6 through the Korean cable channel MBC Queen and will also air in Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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