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Rabu, 28 November 2012

Jang Keun Suk to release his first album, Just Crazy, in Korea

Jang Keun Suk’s first album, Just Crazy, will be released in Korea on November 28.
The album is produced by music director Choi Cheol Ho, producer Kim Jong Cheon, and producer Seo Hyun Il, who also produced Jang’s Japanese debut single, Let Me Cry.
When the album was released in May in Japan, it topped the Oricon Daily and Weekly Charts.
Jang is the first male solo artist to release a full-length album in Japan since Moriyama Naota did in 2004. He’s also the first foreign artist to top the Oricon Chart in eight years. Having shown off his great voice and singing skills in such drama series as You’re Beautiful and Marry Me, Mary!, he’s again showing off his soft yet powerful voice in this album.
He also proves his talent as a composer and an artist by writing “In My Dream,” a song for SNSD’s Yoona, who worked with him in the drama series Love Rain.
The album contains lots of rock numbers that show off Jang’s crazy yet sexy charms. It topped the Online Sales Chart of Tower Records in Japan by selling 130,000 copies before it was released. The title of the album, Just Crazy, implies Jang’s passion for his work and life.
The album contains “200 Miles,” the first track of the album that attracted a lot of attention as an opening song of the popular Japanese animated film Fairy Tail; ”Crazy Crazy Crazy,” a rock number that starts with a dreamlike sound; “Let Me Cry,” which topped the Oricon Weekly Chart when it was released in April; “Bye Bye Bye (Album Version),” a song for a commercial for an alcoholic beverage; and “Rain.”

The conflict between SM and JYJ is ended

The conflict between SM Entertainment and JYJ over their exclusive contract has recently been ended. It’s been three years and four months since they started the dispute.
On November 28, it was reported that SM Entertainment and JYJ recently decided to terminate their contract as from July 31 in 2009.
They also decided to withdraw all suits filed against each other and came to an agreement that they won’t interfere in each other’s work. JYJ can now work free from interference of SM Entertainment.
TVXQ now have only two members, Yunho and Changmin, and Jun Su, Jae Joong, and Yoo Chun have formed a new group JYJ. JYJ was formed in September 2010. Both TVXQ and JYJ are popular in and out of the country.
As SM Entertainment and JYJ came to an agreement, there’s no possibility for the five members to get together again. TVXQ and JYJ are now free from the dispute.
Debuting in 2004 as members of TVXQ, Jun Su, Jae Joong, and Yoo Chun submitted an application for provisional disposition to terminate the validity of their contract with SM on July 31 in 2009. They formed a new group JYJ in September 2010 and have been embroiled in a legal battle against SM Entertainment.

Jang Keun Suk to finish his Asian tour, The Cri Show 2

Jang Keun Suk will soon finish his Asian tour, the 2012 Jang Keun Suk Asian Tour: The Cri Show 2.
Jang will hold the last concert of the tour on November 29 in Saitama, Japan. Starting in July, Jang has held a total of 16 concerts in nine cities.
Jang says, “My Asian tour is almost over. After establishing the concert brand, the Cri Show, I personally planned this tour as an artist. I grew up a lot and could interact with many fans through this tour. I think I can finish this tour well. Please give me your interest and support until the end.”
The first and the second concerts in Saitama, which were held on November 26 and 27, attracted a total audience of 15,000 and 30,000, respectively. It’s expected that about 18,000 people will come to the last concert in Saitama, which will be held on November 29, attracting a total audience of 48,000 for three days.
All 30,000 seats for the concerts held on November 26 and 27 were filled with people despite the fact that they were Monday and Tuesday. At the concerts, Jang got the audience excited by releasing two unreleased songs from his project group Team-H’s new album, which will be released next year.
Jang also entertained the audience visually, releasing his new songs and behind-the-scenes videos of his concerts in Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka, showing off a stylish look in many fancy stage costumes, and using a variety of lighting and stage effects.

Kim Hyun Joong releases a teaser video for his new song

Kim Hyun Joong recently released a teaser video for his new song and attracted a lot of attention from his fans all over the world.
Planning to release his first album, Unlimited, in Japan on December 12, Kim released a teaser video for “Your Story,” the lead track of his new album, on Universal Japan’s official YouTube channel on November 28.
In the teaser video, Kim is showing off a charismatic look as a rock singer and portraying the sadness of a man who has just broken up with his girlfriend. Playing a guitar, Kim appeals to music fans with his sad voice and sad look in his eyes.
Having appealed to many music fans with his music, Kim is again planning to appeal to people with his high-quality music and attractive look.
The album will contain a total of 14 songs, including such new songs as “Your Story,” “Save Today,” and “I’m Yours,” and some of the existing hit songs.
A song that Kim created as a member of a band is also included in the album. “Your Story,” the lead track of the album, is characterized by rich sounds of such instruments as guitar, bass, drum, and keyboard. According to reports, Kim also participated in arrangement and recording of the songs from his new album.

Yoon Eun Hye shows off her drawing skills on Missing You

Actress Yoon Eun Hye recently showed off her drawing skills on MBC TV’s drama series Missing You.
In the series, Yoon plays the role of Soo Yeon, a famous fashion designer who has painful memories of the past.
The drawing Yoon shows off in the series is a sketch for a wedding dress. Soo Yeon receives an order to design a wedding dress and sketches her idea. Yoon’s drawing is quite good that it makes viewers want to see more sketches of hers.
Yoon has never studied design, but she’s good at drawing. Her hobby is also drawing a cartoon. In MBC TV’s drama series Princess Hours, she attracted a lot of attention with her drawings and pretty handwriting. In KBS 2TV’s drama series The Man of the Vineyard and MBC TV’s Coffee Prince, she also received a favorable review for her drawing skills.
Although she has never studied art before, she’s entertaining viewers with her drawing skills.
One of the production crew of the series says, “Yoon Eun Hye cares a lot about the clothes she wears in the series because her role is a fashion designer. She’s also doing well on portraying a woman who only focuses on designing in order to forget about the painful memories of the past.”
Yoon is currently receiving many favorable reviews for not only her drawing skills but also her acting. People are commenting that she’s doing well on portraying the sadness and pain Soo Yeon feels.
In the previous episode, Jung Woo (played by JYJ’s Yoo Chun) and Soo Yeon meet each other again.

JYJ’s Yoo Chun shows off a manly look in a police uniform on Missing You

A snapshot of JYJ’s Yoo Chun dressed in a police uniform was recently released.
On November 28, C-Jes Entertainment, JYJ’s agency, released a picture of Yoo Chun wearing a police uniform for MBC TV’s drama series Missing You.
In the picture, Yoo Chun is showing off a manly look, raising his hand in salute in a police uniform. One of the production crew of the series says, “This picture shows Jung Woo (played by JYJ’s Yoo Chun) graduating from a police academy. The mother of Soo Yeon (played by Yoon Eun Hye) also has the picture.”
Yoo Chun is currently receiving many favorable reviews for his acting. In the series, he portrays a man who has felt guilty about his first love Soo Yeon for 14 years for not being able to protect her.

Movie A Werewolf is to introduce its directorial expanded version in December

Movie A Werewolf is to re-hit cinemas with its directorial expanded version in December.
On November 27, CJ Entertainment announced that the directorial expanded version of A Werewolf is to be released in December this year.
The upcoming version is expanded in its ending with the running time of 127 minutes, two minutes being added. It is said that the new version is under way being rated.
The movie starring Song Joon Ki and Park Bo Young is hitting it big, reaching more than six million viewers. The movie is expected to be a mega-hit because the record of tickets sold is being updated day by day. What’s more, another ending of the sensational movie is generating great curiosity and anticipation.
The directorial edition is expected to arrive at cinemas early December and is currently being rated by a movie authority.

Psy performs “Gangnam Style” with prisoners in Thailand

There was a meaningful performance for “Gangnam Style” in Thailand. Some prisoners in Thailand recently held a contest for “Gangnam Style.”
On November 27, Bangkok Post reported that nearly 4,500 prisoners in Thailand held a “Gangnam Style” contest, and 70 of them performed “Gangnam Style” in front of the reporters.
The contest was held in order to keep prisoners’ health and decrease their stress. Their performances will be given before Psy performs in Thailand.
The news source says, “The K-pop sensation Psy is visiting Thailand for the first time.” Thailand is the country where the music video of “Gangnam Style” received the second most hits on YouTube after the U.S. As the music video has become the most watched video on YouTube, Psy is expected to receive a lot of attention from people in Thailand.
Psy flew to Thailand on November 28 to attend the birthday party of the king of Thailand. Psy will say thank you to people in Thailand and give a performance for them.
Psy was originally scheduled to fly to the country on November 27, but he flew the next day because he was too tired. Since he secretly came back to Korea on November 23, he has examined his health and has spent time with his family. He says, “I was really tired, but I got much better now after taking a rest and seeing my kids at home. People’s support really helps me a lot.”
Psy will attend the Extra Live Festival, an event to be held in celebration of the 85th birthday of the king of Thailand. Psy will perform “Gangnam Style” at the festival, and about 25,000 people are expected to come to the festival to see the performance.
Psy will fly to Hong Kong on November 30 and attend the 2012 Mnet Asian Music Award. After that, Psy will go back to the U.S. and continue promoting himself. He will release a new album in the U.S. in February or March next year.

SHINee’s Minho shows off a mystical look in a pictorial

SHINee’s Minho recently appealed to many women by giving a lyrical feeling in a pictorial for the December issue of the fashion magazine W Korea.
In the pictorial, Minho is showing off a mystical yet charismatic look.
During the photo shoot, he changed his poses and facial expressions depending on the clothes he wore.
In an interview conducted during the photo shoot, he also talked about his thoughts on working as a singer and an actor.

Super Junior’s Siwon fakes a smile on The King of Dramas

Hyun Min (played by Super Junior’s Siwon) does fake volunteer work to manage the situation after he has caused controversy by driving under the influence.
In the episode of SBS TV’s drama series The King of Dramas that aired on November 27, Hyun Min does volunteer work at an orphanage to improve his image.
Hyun Min tries to conciliate public opinion about him by doing volunteer work after giving an interview to express his regret. In front of many cameras, Hyun Min fakes a smile. As he sees lots of kids trying to take a bath, he complains about it to Anthony. He says he doesn’t understand why he has to help the kids take a bath and he can’t fake it anymore.
However, Anthony says he has to shave his head if he doesn’t help them take a bath, and Hyun Min goes back to the bathroom. When he goes back, a kid puts his booger on Hyun Min’s hand.
At this, Hyun Min asks the kid to eat his own booger. This scene shows how narrow-minded Hyun Min is despite the fact that he’s a famous celebrity. This also attracts a lot of attention as it satirizes some celebrities’ insincere volunteer work to improve their images after arousing criticism.
In the episode, Kenji (played by Jang Hyun Sung), a son of Watanabe, comes to Anthony and says he will retrieve the investment.