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Kamis, 24 Januari 2013

BTOB Yook Sung Jae & Lee Min Hyuk

Some BTOB Fans name them ‘Yook Min’ Couple
lol 2 boys are so cute~!!!

Idol Group Boys make over as hot girls

(1) Boyfriend Gwang Min
(2) Super Junior
(3) G-Dragon lol
(4) B2ST Ki Kwang
(5) 2PM Taek Yeon
(6) 2AM Jo Kown
(7) SHINee Tae Min
(8) Lee Hong Ki from FT Island
(9) UKISS Dong Ho

[Photos] Key was mentioned in K+Model Park Hyeong Seop’s tweet 130123


Daegu fam~~~~~mily


Turn up!! Turn up!!

SHINee to participate in MBC’s Idol Star Athletic Championships of 2013

Posted Image

Posted Image
SHINee will be participating in MBC’s special yearly Chuseok event, the Idol Star Athletic Championships of 2013. Idols who attend will compete in Olympic-like games with approximately 150 other idol guests. The show will be recorded on January 28th and broadcast on February 11th.
A representative stated, “There are many idol stars who have really focused on practicing. Because the viewer ratings are good, and a lot of spotlight is given, they all have competitive spirits. In the case of top idols, they try to be more careful of their bodies to prevent injuries. But rookie groups are participating with a lot more zeal in order to gain attention. The idols have already started their battle of dignity.” - allkpop

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha now has a house for herself thanks to Miryo

Recently, member Narsha of the Brown Eyed Girls revealed her “Dreamhouse.”
On January 24, the singer tweeted a photo with the comment “For my late birthday gift, Miryo has bought me a Barbie’s Dreamhouse. From now on, I’m only going to play with the dolls in that house! Thank you!”
She continued her posting as she wrote, “Ah. It’s early in the morning, yet I’m getting emotional. She remembered what I said. I was just saying that I really wanted to have a dreamhouse like that when I was little but my parents couldn’t afford it. It left a deep resentment until today, but thanks to you, I finally got a house for myself at the age of 33. I love you Miryo-rong.” She revealed her intimate relationship with her in the posting.
The picture shows Narsha standing in front of the Barbie’s Dreamshouse which was given to her by Miryo as a birthday gift. Her gratitude for the gift made viewers smile bigger.
Netizens who saw the posting reacted: “I’m so envious of their friendship.” “Brown Eyed Girls members must be very fond of each other.” “They make me smile.”

More than two million people follow Psy on Twitter

As of 5:45 p.m. on January 24, the number of Psy’s followers on Twitter exceeded 2,373,000. Of all Korean Twitter accounts, he has the third biggest number of followers. Super Junior’s Siwon and Donghae hold first and second place on the social network, with 3,069,111 Twitterians following Siwon and 2,757,840 following Donghae. Still, Psy’s achievement is remarkable in the sense that he is a singer-songwriter, not an “idol” star with a huge mass of fans.
The international star celebrated hitting two million followers on Twitter by tweeting, “2 Million Followers Of PSY!!!!!” When G-Dragon, another singer represented by YG Entertainment, heard the news, he left a cheerful message reading, “Fast~ Fast~ Fast.”
Currently, Psy’s “Gangnam Style” music video has been hit more than 1.2 billion times on YouTube, giving it the biggest number of views on the website.
In the meantime, Psy has left for France. On the 26th of January, he will be attending the NRJ Music Awards 2013, the biggest popular music awards ceremony in France, which is scheduled to be held in Cannes. He is nominated in three categories: International Breakthrough of the Year, International Song of the Year, and Video of the Year.

Jung Joon Young drops a bombshell: “Roy Kim and I live together”

Recently, Jung Joon Young, from’s Super Star K4, made a surprise remark: He revealed that he lives with Roy Kim. Jung and Kim appeared as special guests on the January 23 airing of SBS Power FM’s Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School, and DJ Kim Chang Ryul asked them, “Do you guys hang out often, just the two of you?” Jung revealed that they are roommates as he said, “We live together.” Then he added a complaint: “Roy rarely cleans the house.” To emphasize his point, he turned to Kim and asked, “Who was the last one to clean the house?” Surprised, Kim replied, “How can you say that? I cleaned most of it and you just helped me finish it up.”
The DJ turned to Jung and asked him, “So are you good at cleaning?” and Jung answered, “You have no idea.”
Another question followed: “Do you guys cook your own meals?” Jung said, “We always go out.” Kim revealed his way of dealing with payment, saying, “When I pay for the meal, the other person can treat me the next time. I’m very cool with that.”

Singer Seo In Young attracts attention with her new see-through bang hairstyle

Singer Seo In Young changed her hair to see-through bang hairstyle.
Recently on an online community board, pictures titled, “Seo In Young’s see-through bang hair. She looks feminine” were uploaded. In the picture, Seo is showing off her natural and young look.
In the restaurant, Seo is wearing a bright smile with a flower bouquet. In the other picture, she is pouting her mouth and showing off her cuteness, wearing fancy clothes.
Currently, Seo is appearing as a coach on Mnet’s Voice Kids.

Da Yoon (Sistar’s Da Som) sheds tears at the airport and doesn’t leave for the U.S.

On the episode of KBS 2TV’s Family that aired on the afternoon of January 24, Woo Da Yoon (played by Da Som) is offered an opportunity to study in the United States with her biological father, Jo Kwan Woo (played by Jo Kwan Woo). Woo Shin Hye (played by Hwang Shin Hye) seriously suggests that Da Yoon study abroad, and Da Yoon falls into distress over the issue.
When Woo Yeol’s family finds out that Da Yoon is struggling over whether to study abroad, they tell her not to go, because they’ll miss her a lot. Da Yoon doesn’t want to leave them, either, but decides to go after overhearing Woo Shin Hye saying, “I think she has to go. She’s never let me down so far.”
Later, Woo Shin Hye talks candidly about her true thoughts on the situation while drinking with Yeol Seok Hwan (played by Ahn Seok Hwan): “I have to send her. I’ve never played the role of a mother to Da Yoon. I want to send her to study abroad. It’s something she’s been longing for.”
Not knowing what her mother really thinks, Da Yoon decides to go ahead and study abroad. However, Woo Shin Hye sheds tears at the airpont and confesses, “I am sorry for so many things. I’ve never packed you lunch or said that I love you. But I want to be sorry for one more thing—not letting you go. Don’t go. I can’t let you go.”
Da Yoon also cries and replies, “You are such a bad mother. Why are you telling me this now?”
In the same episode, Al (played by Min Chan Gi) and Cha Seo Joon (played by Park Seo Joon) are astonished to see that Cha Ji Ho (played by Shim Ji Ho) is or is not obsessed with cleanliness, depending on whether he has a date with Yeol Hee Bon (played by Park Hee Bon) or not.

Big Bang’s T.O.P and his fans share their feelings

Big Bang’s T.O.P is drawing a lot of attention from his fan service.
An online community posted a video with the caption, “Big Bang’s T.O.P and his fan service.”
In the video, T.O.P is performing the song “Heaven” from their second EP at the YG Concert. He tried to communicate with fans sitting in their seats.
His fans are also taking good care of him. When T.O.P came close to them, they started wiping off his sweat with their bare hands and scarf.
People who saw the video responded: “This makes my heart flutter.” “The fans are so lucky.” “I think my heart will tremble when I see T.O.P.” “I want to wipe off his sweat.” “I envy them.” “He is so great.” “He’s taking my breath away.”
Big Bang will hold the ‘Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour the Final’ on January 25 through 27 at the Olympic Park in Seoul.

Lee Joon Gi makes a wish upon bears?

Lee Joon Gi recently said hello to his Chinese fans.
On January 23, Lee posted a picture on his Weibo account. In the picture, Lee is standing in front of a display  full of teddy bears. He is wearing a black coat and fedora and he looks like he is making a wish with his hands put together while looking at the bears.
He commented, “Are you ready to meet me? I’m going to go to Beijing the day after tomorrow. I’m so excited to see my Chinese friends. Let’s have fun together.”
People who saw the pictures responded: “I’ll be waiting for you.” “Can I have a bear please?” “I want to go to his fan meeting.” “Don’t you want to give your fans those bears?”
Lee will hold his fan meeting on January 26 in Beijing, China.

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su gets Kim Jae Joong’s autograph

JYJ’s Kim Jun Su recently showed off that he received Kim Jae Joong’s autograph.
On January 24, Jun Su tweeted a picture with the short comment, “Hello! I got Jae Joong’s autograph.”
In the picture, Jun Su is smiling for the camera. He is wearing a green T-shirt where Jae Joong signed his autograph. Their close friendship received a lot of attention.
Jae Joong previously released his first solo EP I on January 17 and showed off his power in EP sales by selling over 60,000 copies in only five days.
People who saw the picture responded: “Jun Su is such a cutie.” “It’s good to see they are taking care of each other.” “When is he going to appear on TV?”
Jun Su successfully held the ’2012 Xia Ballad & Musical Concert with Orchestra’ last year.

4minute’s Ji Hyun explains she is not dating ZE:A’s Hyung Sik

4minute’s Nam Ji Hyun recently explained that she is not dating ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik.
On January 24, Nam tweeted, “As Park said in an interview, we are not dating. Thank you for supporting us but I wanted to tell you the truth.”
The Romantic & Idol was a reality program without a script though! We decided to be good friends. Please keep supporting us!”
The two stars previously appeared on tvN The Romantic & Idol and made a good couple. Their realistic appearances drew a lot of attention.
However, Park gave an interview on January 16 and said, “We are not dating in real life. We just support and advise each other.”
Park received many favorable reviews by appearing on KBS special show Sirius.

2NE1′s Sandara Park builds up her muscle strength

2NE1′s Sandara Park recently showed off her muscles.
On January 23, a personal trainer from YG Entertainment tweeted a picture of Park with the short comment in English, “Power up.”
In the picture, Park looks serious with her hair pulled away from her forehead. She is wearing a jacket with fake abs attached and holding weights up high.
People who saw the picture responded: “She is working out hard.” “She looks fragile but she can hold weight up like that.” “She’s cute.” “Her abs are fabulous.” “Is she trying to make abs?” “She’s so cute.”

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong preps for Asia tour

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong, who released his first solo EP, will go on an Asia tour.
On January 25, Kim’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, said, “We decided to go on an Asia tour since Kim’s solo EP is receiving considerable attention in Korea and many other countries.”
According to the Han Teo Chart, Kim has sold over 67,000 copies so far in Korea. He also ranked first on the iTunes Rock Chart in nine countries and sold out his solo EP in several big Japanese stores.
Kim is preparing surprising performances for his fans. The agency said, “Kim composed a powerful dance routine for his fans. He is practicing hard to give perfect performances.”
Kim will perform not only his songs but also his favorite songs, including Yim Jae Beum’s “For You.”
The ‘Your, My and Mine’ will be held on January 26 and 27 at KINTEX in Ilsan and Kim will go on an Asia tour in February.

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