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Jumat, 25 Januari 2013

CNBLUE with Phantom: “They look like a new idol group”

Groups Phantom and CNBLUE recently took a picture together.
Phantom, composed of three members, who recently returned with their new song “Like Jo Yong Pil” released a picture on January 25.
The picture looks like it was taken in front of a green room for KBS’s Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook. Phantom and CNBLUE appeared on the show together to perform their new songs live and entertain the audience.
People who saw the picture responded: “I have to watch the show.” “They both are so handsome.” “They look like members of a group composed of seven members.” “Has a new idol group been born?”
The show, in which the two groups appear, will air on January 25 at midnight.

Park Shin Hye takes a picture with Gal So Won: “Do we look alike?”

Actress Park Shin Hye recently released a picture she took with child actress Gal So Won.
On January 24, Park tweeted a picture with the comment, “It’s a little blurry, but it’s little Ye Seung and big Ye Seung. How are we? Do we look alike? Please support the movie Present in Room 7 so that it can be a warm present in the cold winter.”
In the picture, Park is intimately posing with Gal and staring at the camera. Their sharp nose, big eyes, and lovely smiles made them look like real sisters.
People who saw the picture responded: “I thought they were real sisters.” “I’m going to watch the movie.” “Her smile is always fresh.”
The movie Present in Room 7, in which Park appeared as a daughter named Ye Seung of Ryu Seung Yong, was released on January 23 and ranked first in the box office today on January 25.

Infinite’s Hoya wants a woman: “Who can speak a foreign language fluently”

Infinite H’s Hoya recently talked about his ideal woman.
Hoya gave an interview to the star magazine @Star1, which was released on January 21.
When the group was asked about ‘a special girl,’ Dong Woo said, “I think my ideal woman changes every day. These days, I like a girl who looks good with any hairstyles, such as long hair, tied up hair, and colored hair, in comfortable clothes. Then we can try to keep up with each other in personality.”
Hoya said, “I think a girl who can speak a foreign language fluently is very attractive. When someone starts speaking English or another foreign languages fluently that I didn’t even know that she could speak, she starts becoming attractive to me. Maybe it’s because I can’t speak foreign languages very well even though I want to.”
People responded: “I’m surprised to hear that.” “Dong Woo and Hoya have a different ideal women.” “I should go sign up at an academy to become his ideal woman.” “I think he likes intellectual women.”

4minute’s Heo Ga Yoon loses eight kilograms

4minute’s Heo Ga Yoon is currently drawing a lot of attention, thanks to her slim figure.
An online community posted un-retouched pictures with the caption, “Heo Ga Yoon has a nano figure.”
In the pictures, Heo is posing for the camera in a printed shirt and black short pants. She is also showing off her feminine appeal with wavy hair and long slim legs.
Since she has very thin ankles, calves, and thighs, her fans nicknamed her ‘Heo Ga Yoon nano figure.’
Heo has formed a unit group named 2Yoon with Jeon Ji Yoon and is currently keeping busy with the song “24/7″ released on January 17.

2PM will go on a tour of Asia in March

2PM will soon go on a tour of Asia.
Starting in Manila, the Philippines, on March 2, 2PM will hold concerts in Guangzhou, China, on March 30, and in Bangkok, Thailand, on April 8.
As they couldn’t hold concerts in many countries last year because of their busy schedule, 2PM have decided to hold concerts in the three countries at the request of many fans from the countries. They’re holding a concert for the first time in the Philippines, and Nichkhun will visit his home country, Thailand, this time.
Starting in Shanghai, China, in November last year, 2PM held concerts in such countries as Indonesia, Taiwan, and Macao. Attracting a total audience of 8,000 to 10,000 to every concert depending on the size of the concert hall, 2PM proved their popularity as the best boy band in Asia.
This year’s tour will be bigger and more spectacular than the last tour. The members were also recently commented that they have become musically more mature by writing songs.
Ticket reservations for 2PM’s concert, What Time Is It?, in Manila, the Philippines, will begin on January 26.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon wears a Hopang Man mask

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently released a picture of himself wearing a Hopang Man mask.
On January 25, G-Dragon uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “I just finished today’s schedule. We’re holding a concert in Seoul tomorrow. Everyone, sleep tight and have fun tomorrow. Good night. See you tomorrow.”
In the picture, G-Dragon is wearing a Hopang Man mask. He’s getting laughs by posing for the camera with confidence, wearing the hilarious Hopang Man mask, a stylish black jacket, and a beanie.
People who saw the picture responded: “I can’t wait to see you, G-Dragon.” “G-Dragon looks still stylish with the mask.” “I love G-Dragon’s style with the mask.”
Big Bang will hold concerts in Seoul at the Gymnastics Stadium in the Olympic Park from January 25 to 27 under the title of Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour: The Final.

[Photos] Sistar 19 New Album images

[photo] TVXQ,Yuno on the anticipating new k-drama

TVXQ, Yuno plays an actor on new korean drama, ya-wang
it is about the revenge of one  man who loves a woman to extraction.

 and plus, other famous actor and actress!!

SUJU M, Lee Dong Hae at China Press Conference Interview

The only thing Won Bin doesn’t have

It’s recently been found out that actor Won Bin is not a perfect person.
A picture was recently uploaded on an online community board under the title of “The only thing Won Bin doesn’t have.”
Along with the picture, the person who uploaded it wrote an anecdote about Won Bin and his fan.
According her, a fan of Won Bin once wrote, “I love you, Won Bin ♥♥,” on the official fan cafe of Won Bin. At this, Won Bin responded, “I love you, too. How do I type the heart shapes?” as he couldn’t find a heart emoticon.
People who read the comment responded: “Won Bin is so cute.” “I guess Won Bin doesn’t really spend time on the Internet.” “She’s so lucky to receive a reply from Won Bin.”

photos of Leeteuk, on musical “the promise”

Super Junior Siwon University Graudation

Lee Min Ho M2day Update on 20130125

M2day: “다시 추워졌어요~ 감기조심하세요~”
[Trans] “It got colder again. Keep warm!”

After School’s Lizzy shows off her lively charms

After School’s Lizzy attracted attention with her fresh smile.
 Previously on January 24, Lizzy uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “A smile like a lemon.”
 Wearing a hoody, Lizzy is looking at the camera with a fresh smile. Her red lips makes her look more lively.
 Netizens commented: “You’re getting prettier.” “I wish I had a younger sister like her.” “Lizzy’s such a cutie.”

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee and Secret’s Han Seon Hwa are good to be married

The Tarot cards recently showed that ZE:A’s Kwang Hee and Secret’s Han Seon Hwa, the virtual married couple on MBC TV’s We Got Married, are actually good to be married.
On the episode of We Got Married that will air on January 26, Kwang Hee and Han go to a Tarot cafe for fun in celebration of the new year. They enjoy the Tarot card readings and have a good time together.
At the shooting, they asked the possibility of their marriage, and the Tarot cards showed they would actually be able to get married. According to reports, they got excited after they heard the exact year for marriage from the Tarot master.
The Tarot master also provide Kwang Hee and Han with some tips to get closer.

PSY Rivals Threaten Girls’ Generation on K-Pop Hot 100

Girls’ Generation has logged another week at No. 1 with their genre-hopping comeback track “I Got A Boy.” The girls rocketed to No. 1 last week and have held off stiff competition in a particularly competitive January.

The ladies of Girls’ Generation (a.k.a. SNSD) are proving they deserve their No. 1. An official video of their Jan. 11 performance on “KBS Music Bank,” a hit music show, begins with leader Taeyon and U.S.-born member Tiffany singing their “Lost In Love” duet. Later, the nine took the stage to perform “I Got A Boy” where they notably used no backing vocals. Many acts use back-up vocals at the beginning of a promotional period to let themselves get comfortable appearing on these high-profile programs, but SNSD going completely live so early is particularly impressive.

The song that almost snatched Girls’ Generation’s No. 1 position comes from comedian Jung Hyeong Don’s “Gangbuk Dandy” at No. 2. The song comes from Korean TV station MBC’s extremely-popular variety show “Infinity Challenge.” Jung Hyeong Don ambitiously titled his track, “Gangbuk Dandy,” as a rival to PSY’s monster hit “Gangnam Style” (Gangbuk is on the opposite end of Gangnam). Similarly, “Gangbuk Dandy” is a club track with thumping beats and comical lyrics. Only live performances of the track exist, but should he decide to release a captivating music video, could Jung find himself with 2013′s “Gangnam Style?”

INFINITE’s two hip-hop enthusiast members, Dongwoo and Hoya, formed a sub-unit group, INFINITE H, releasing their first mini-album with debut single, “Special Girl” with the week’s biggest debut at No. 6. Their album, “Fly High,” boasts guest features by top names in the industry including Zion T, Baby Soul, Gaeko of Dynamic Duo with first single “Special Girl” featuring soulful R&B vocalist Bumkey. The melodic hip-hop number was composed and arranged by renowned producer Primary (known for hits like Dynamic Duo’s “Without You,” Billboard’s No. 16 Best K-Pop Song of 2012) and written by promising underground rapper Beenzino.

Another “Infinity Challenge” contestant charted high this week; a very familiar face to music fans worldwide. Yoo Jae Suk, otherwise known as “the guy in the yellow suit” in the “Gangnam Style” music video, enters in at No. 10 this week with the futuristic, electro piece “Grasshopper World.” The song is a feel-good track with hopeful lyrics that urge people to stop worrying and enjoy life.

SNSD win a triple crown with “I Got A Boy”

The nine-member girl group SNSD has won a triple crown on Mnet’s M Countdown with the title song, “I Got A Boy,” from their fourth official album. On the live broadcast of M Countdown that aired on January 24 at 6:00 p.m, SNSD performed this powerful new dance song and took first place for the third consecutive week.
After receiving the trophy, Seohyun expressed her gratitude: “I’d like to thank all the fans and express my love for all the members of our group.” Tiffany said, “I feel great today. I thank our fans.”
“I Got A Boy” has stayed in the top of the album sale list and has gained tremendous attention. Havingh taken first place on M Countdown yet again, SNSD is more motivated than ever to keep its reigning position in the Korean entertainment industry.
Besides SNSD, 2Yoon, B.P.POP, Moon He Joon, Speed, Monday Kiz, Vixx, Tiny-G, Boyfriend, Mr.Mr., ZE:A, and Lee Go Bam also performed on M Countdown.

Running Man members become envoys in the 1930s

The cast of Running Man become envoys in the 1930s.
On the episode of SBS TV’s Running Man that will air on January 27, the cast of the show get dressed in clothes from the 1930s and conduct a mission under the concept of Spatial Temporal Moving Fantasy Thriller.
The cast of Running Man receive a mission to gather at City Hall and head toward the station by subway. According to reports, people who saw them on streets and in subway trains were curious about their strange outfits.
Before the shooting began, the cast asked the crew, “Why did you ask us to get dressed in these strange outfits,” being embarrassed by the clothes from the 1930s. However, they soon enjoyed being in the costume, speaking like people in the period.
Gathering at the Seoul Library, the former city hall, the cast try to find a hidden treasure box as seven envoys sent from different organizations.
After completing the mission, they reincarnate by passing through The Door of Incarnation, and an unexpected secret gets revealed.
Regarding the secret, the production team of the show says it’s the most interesting part of the episode.