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Senin, 18 Februari 2013

SNSD’s Yuri goes to see Jessica’s Legally Blonde

SNSD’s Yuri recently went to see the musical Legally Blonde, featuring her friend Jessica.
Several online communities posted pictures of Yuri and drew a lot of attention. The pictures were taken on February 14 when the musical performed at the Hyundai Art Hall in Seoul.
In the picture, Yuri is walking out the door after watching the musical. She is showing off her outstanding fashion sense in a knitted dress and black fur. Her chic look received considerable attention.
During the curtain call, Jessica welcomed Yuri by holding the message saying, “I’m sorry Yuri. I can’t take my eyelashes off.”
Jessica plays the role of Elle Woods, who has blond hair and makes everyone jealous.

Kim Jae Dong is having a meal with the giraffe?

Kim Jae Dong revealed a funny picture taken with Lee Gwang Soo.
On the afternoon of February 18, Kim uploaded a picture on his Twitter with the caption, “Communion.”
In the picture, Kim is feeding grass to Lee Gwang Soo, also known as the “giraffe” on SBS’s Running Man. Unlike Kim, who is smiling brightly, Lee’s stiff look evokes laughter.
Netizens commented: “Are you having a meal with the giraffe?””You two look good together.”“I can feel how much you love the giraffe.”
Currently, Kim and Lee appear on SBS’s Healing Camp and SBS’s Running Man respectively.

Actor Um Tae Woong humiliated with his hair?

Actor Um Tae Woong was humiliated with his hair. 
On the episode of KBS 2TV’s Two Days and One Night that aired on February 17, the second story of the sports day in Mountain Doo Rae in Gangwondo went on broadcast.
In this broadcast, Kim stopped the match all of a sudden and pointed at Tae Woong, “Please do something about Tae Woong’s hair.”
His hair looked as if he woke up from sleep because he just took of his woolen hat. So he put on his hat back on but he received the nickname, “Magpie Um.”
Netizens commented:“How can you call him magpie Um? He is an actor after all.””That’s such a cute nickname.”

Kim Kang Woo and Han Hye Jin reveal their outstanding appearances in Healing Camp

 Actor Kim Kang Woo and Han Hye Jin have been captured together.
Kim Kang Woo and Hang Hye Jin’s agency, Namoo Actors, revealed the shooting site of SBS’s Healing Camp- Kim Kang Woo that airs on February 18. 
In the picture, they look very friendly and held their thumbs up. Han Hye Jin, the beautiful host of the show and Kim Kang Woo who are brother and sister-in-law, showed off their superior looks. 
It has been said that in spite of being close-related family, Han threw Kim off by asking him direct questions. Also, Han’s sister and Kim Kang Woo’s wife Han Moo Young’s wife also appeared and talked about the love story between them. 
Kim played the role of detective Yang Choon Dong in the movie, Psychometry which will premiere on March 7.

Actor Seo In Gook to release a new album in April in Japan

 Singer and actor Seo In Gook will debut in Japan in April.
On February 18, Seo In Gook’s agency revealed, “A major Japanese sports news, Nikkan Sports wrote an article titled, ‘Seo In Gook CD debut in April 24.’ The debut song is a ballad song that will reveal his sweet voice and show off his singing ability. We chose this song out of 500 other choices.” 
The publicis of the agency also said, “He also played the lead on tvN’s Answer Me 1997 and has been nicknamed as the ‘the man who kisses the most beautifully in Korea. He is like a model and is very handsome. We expect him to become very popular in Japan as well.” 
In April 24, Seo In Gook will release his album in Japan and continue his activities in Japan and Korea.

Actress Kang So Ra reveals, “I will go visit you soon Lee Jae Hoon!”

 Kang So Ra uploaded a picture taken with Lee Jae Hoon before he entered the military. 
On the morning of February 18, Kang uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “Jang Ho wasn’t at the press conference. Are you well?” 
In the picture, actress Kang and Lee Jae Hoon are posing at the camera in a friendly atmosphere. With bright colored hair and chic hair style, Lee is showing off his bright smile. 
Kang attracted attention by revealing special affection towards Lee Jae Hoon at the press conference of the movie, Papparoti that was held at Seoul Interpark Art Center on February 18 at 11:00 a.m. At the conference she said, “When I saw him recently, his long wavy hair became very short. That must be the way it is but it was good to see that he is doing well. I will visit him sometime soon.” 
She added, “It was an honor to act with Lee Jae Hoon whom I very much liked. In the movie, it was me who really fell in love with him but there were some physical touch as well. Later on it seems as if we’re getting together… This work meant a lot to me.” 
Papparoti that will premiere next month is about the meeting between a prodigy vocalist gang Jang Ho (played by Lee Jae Hoon) and a scary music teacher Sang Jin (played by Han Seok Gyu). Actors such as Han Seok Gyu, Lee Jae Hoon, Oh Dal Soo, Kang So Ra, and Jo Jin Woong acted in the movie.