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Jumat, 07 Juni 2013

Kim Hyun Joong Releases Surprise Single for Fans

Although June 6th is Kim Hyun Joong’s birthday, it was actually the artist who gave a present to his fans.

The singer surprised everyone on his birthday by releasing a single entitled, “The Reason I Live” (aka “Why I’m Alive”). The lovely ballad expresses his appreciation to the fans which have supported him so faithfully over the years.

Although fans had been expecting the release of the singer’s “Tonight” album, most of them were surprised and grateful for the singer’s single released for his birthday.

The singer will perform the song for the first time in public on June 8th at a fan meeting in Seoul. June 8th is also the anniversary of the group ss501, of which Kim Hyun Joong is the leader. Several of the members have made comments lately which hint at a reunion, so some fans are wondering if the rest of the band members will be making a surprise visit at the “2013 KHJ Show- Party People,” since it coincides with the group’s anniversary as well.

The release of the single comes on the heels of a special event KHJ held in Tokyo, where he spent approximately 6 hours shaking the hands of over 8,000 fans. Reports say the singer even showed concern for his fans standing outside in the hot sun and asked them to be escorted inside. Time after time, the talented singer and actor has expressed his gratitude to his fans and continues to show his appreciation by these special events and surprises. Along with his many talents, his humility and true appreciation for his fans continue to earn him more support and respect from Kpop fans around the globe.

We wish Kim Hyun Joong a very happy birthday and many years of continued success! 

Ivy’s new number is a dance song made in collaboration with JYP

On June 7, Ivy’s agency released a teaser image bearing the words “IVY X JYP, I Dance, Feat. Yubin, 6.” Since June 3, the agency had been arousing people’s curiosity, releasing mysterious teasers consisting only of letters and numbers. Strong red letters announce the title of the new song, “I Dance,” and the collaboration with Park Jin Young. Park Jin Young was in charge of producing Ivy’s debut song, “Tonight’s Secret,” which catapulted her to “sultry singer” status. It played an indispensable role in creating the “Ivy Syndrome.”

“I Dance” is an experimental song that combines the three genres of tango, hip-hop, and electronic music. Park Jin Young took part in writing the words and music, including the rap. Yubin, a member of the Wonder Girls who is represented by JYP, is featured in the song as the rapper and has promised to help Ivy with her performances of the new number.

Ivy will be unveiling “I Dance” not on a music program but on tvN’s SNL Korea. The program will be broadcast at 11:00 p.m. on June 8. Ivy’s second EP will be released on June 13.

Shinhwa begin their Asia tour and sell a souvenir necklace commemorating their 15th anniversary

On June 7, Shinhwa’s agency announced that the group will begin their Asia concert tour, the 2013 Shinhwa Grand Tour Classic, at Hong Kong’s AsiaWorld-Expo Arena on June 8. After Hong Kong, the tour will proceed to Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, Beijing, and then on to the finale in Seoul. The total audience in the six cities is expected to reach about 100,000.

A staffer from the group’s agency says, “This is the first time for Shinhwa to hold a concert in Hong Kong since they debuted, so the concert will be especially meaningful not only to the fans but also for the members of  Shinhwa themselves.

Commemorating their 15th anniversary, a necklace dubbed “Forever” well be on sale at each concert venue. Shinhwa is going to donate part of the earnings to the city where the concert is held. The design of the necklace is same as the one worn by Dong Wan and Jun Jin in the music video of the song “This Love,” from the group’s 11th album.

Fashionable “flower boy” Kim Beom visits Hong Kong

The actor Kim Beom, who is beloved in Chinese-speaking countries thanks to such TV dramas as Boys Qver Flowers and That Winter, The Wind Blows, is on a visit to Hong Kong. According to a June 7 report by CFP (China Foto Press), Kim arrived at Chek Lap Kok airport on the afternoon of June 6 to attend a promotional event for a cosmetic brand. Accompanied by several people including his manager, Kim was wearing a white T-shirt under a gray shirt and slim-fit black pants, making for a fashionable entry at the airport. Smiling at the fans who had gathered there to welcome him, he got into a car and left the airport.

Kim has become a popular Korean-wave star in Chinese-speaking countries thanks to the popularity of the TV series he has appeared in. He is also going to appear in the Chinese TV series V Love (时代之恋 in Chinese), a love story of the younger generation.

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung Announce their Wedding.

Much has been said about the relationship between Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung, and just recently they have announced about their upcoming wedding. Lee Byung Hun’s agency, BH, made the announcement last Wednesday stating that the couple are to tie the knot in August, with the ceremony to be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seoul.

Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung have been a couple since August 2012, and are set to get married exactly one year later.

Rabu, 05 Juni 2013

MBLAQ holds a showcase of their new album

 On June 4, boy group MBLAQ held a press conference and showcase at an art center in Seoul to promote their fifth EP, Sexy Beat. Through the showcase, the group announced the release of the new EP, which contains six songs, including “Smoky Girl,” the strong electronic dance number. This is their first new work in 17 months.
First, the group performed “Smoky Girl” dressed in suits, showing manly charisma on the stage as they announced their new release to fans. Park Gyung Lim emceed the showcase, and leader Seung Ho expressed his feelings, saying, “During our work, I’ve always felt that we have learned a lot by sharing the stage with senior singers, and we want to learn more. We will try to do our best to bring greater maturity to our performances.”
Chun Doong says, “We are here with help of great songwriters and choreographers. We will do our best to give something back for their support.”
The song “Smoky Girl” is an electronic dance number. It was written by Primary and Jianty, and Simon D. joined to make the rap.

2PM makes an appearance on SBS’s Running Man

 Teac Yeon and Chan Sung of 2PM showed up for the recording of the episode of Running Man that was shot on June 3, showing off their athletic ability, after returning from from the K-pop Festival 2013 in Gumamoto, Japan.
In spite of their hectic schedule, they looked lively and happy and were well focused during the shooting. An official of the show says, “The guest cast of the show include such people as martial arts director Jung Doo Hong and other martial artists. The strongest man will be chosen as the winner, making this an exciting competition.” It will be interesting to see how the singers do against such athletic opponents.

Junho apologizes for his absence from a movie press conference

 Sending a wreath with words of apology, Junho expressed his sorrow for being absent from a press conference to report on the production of his first movie, Cold Eyes,  (directed by Jo Eui Suk and Kim Byung Seo, produced by Zipcinema). The press conference was held at CGV Apgujeong in Seoul on the morning of June 4.

Junho makes his screen debut in this film in the role of an ace member of a surveillance team, nicknamed Squirrel. Because of a 2PM concert in Japan, Jun ho could not attend the conference. On the wreath he sent, he wrote “I wish I could be there, too!”

Han Hyo Joo gave her impressions of working with Junho on the film, saying, “He performed enthusiastically even though it was his first time. You’ll be surprised when you see the movie.” Jung Woo Sung also praised him, saying, “Junho really devoted himself to his acting when we were on location. There were times when he had to wait for eight hours, yet he maintained an attitude of willingness to learn from every experience of shooting. He did a great job.”

Cold Eyes is an action thriller that tells the story of a special police surveillance team. It will be released on July 4.

Victoria is a judge on Superstar China for one day: “It was a good experience.”

 Victoria, of the girl group f(x), recently appeared on Superstar China (我的中國星), which is Chinese version of Superstar K, as a special judge for a day. On the evening of June 4, Victoria uploaded a photo of herself on the judging panel, with the caption “我的中國星(Superstar China),” which is the title of the program. In the photo, she is dressed in tasteful black, giving the thumbs up and looking at the camera with a smile. Prior to this, Victoria had announced her visit to Wuhan, China, on her Weibo account. Now fans know why she visited the China.

Along with the photo, Victoria gave her impressions of being a special guest for a day, “Although I was a special judge just for a day, it was a really great experience for me and I learned a lot. Principal Tan (Alan Tam, a singer and actor in Hong Kong) and teacher Sha Baoliang (singer), I thank you all! It was an honor for me to be with you! I thank you all the participants for their efforts. I hope that all of you can achieve your dreams. Believe in yourself. Go for it! I also thank all the staffers and fans who were waiting for me outside. Go, Superstar China (我的中國星)!”

Getting the news that Victoria took part in Superstar China as a special guest, fans showed a variety of responses: “I’ll be waiting for the broadcast.” “I’m wondering how you judged.” “I will watch the broadcast.” “Wow, Victoria! Now you’ve become a judge!”

Superstar China is the Chinese version of Korean cable channel Mnet’s audition show. It is produced by HBTV and CJ E&M. The first episode will be broadcast on HBTV, on July 7.

EXO draws attention with their fascinating performance

EXO drew a lot of attention with their fantastic performance of the song “Wolf” from their first studio album. An official of their agency said today that the dance moves were the collaborative work of world-renowned choreographer Tony Testa and SM entertainment performance director Hwang Sang Hoon. The performance is so compelling from the beginning that watchers are not able to take their eyes off it.
Testa has done choreography for such world-class pop stars as the late Micheal Jackson, Kylie Minogue, and Janet Jackson. He also choreographed TVXQ’s “Catch Me” and SHINee’s “Sherlock” and “Dream Girl.”
The EXO members play werewolves in a forest wolf cave in their performance, which has a story to it, like that of a musical. They released their album in two versions (Chinese and Korean) at the same time and have started performing in both countries. It’s fun to compare the two different kinds of dance performance.
Their first studio album, XOXO (Kisses & Hugs), is sweeping various album charts.

Selasa, 04 Juni 2013

BIGBANG’s Daesung Sells Out Japanese Tour And Plans New Single

Big Bang member Daesung, known in Japan as D-Lite, has sold out his Japanese tour and appears to have plans to release a new single next month.

Daesung released his first solo album, “D’scover”, in Japan on February  27, 2013. It consists mainly of remakes of well-known Japanese songs, as well as Japanese versions of his original songs “Baby Don’t Cry” and “Wings”. The album effectively showcases Daesung’s powerful vocal abilities. It now seems that Daesung, known to Japanese fans as D-Lite, is working on a new Japanese single which is to be released on July 31. The picture above has been released today and has sparked the curiosity of fans, with the words “New Single 2013.07.31 Release!!” clearly indicating the singer’s comeback at the end of next month.

Meanwhile, Daesung is currently completing his Japanese Tour, “D’scover Tour 2013″, which started on March 23 and is due to finish on June 18. Due to high demand, over 20 additional tour dates were added by YGEX, all of which have been sold out. This was highlighted in a short spot which Big Bang’s official YouTube channel released today.
There is no doubt about Daesung’s huge popularity in Japan, and we are looking forward to learning more about this new upcoming project of his.

Girl’s Generation hold their first solo world tour

 The group Girl’s Generation (Taeyeon, Tiffany, Jessica, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun) are going on their first world tour, starting with two days of concerts in Seoul at the Gymnastics Arena in Olympic Park on June 8 and 9. This concert will be their third solo concert in Korea and the opening of the 2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour: Girls & Peace, their first such tour since their debut in the summer of 2007. Fans both at home and abroad are showing a lot of interest in the tour, which will go on to cities around the world after the Seoul premiere.

Recently, Girl’s Generation won the first prize in a poll titled Today’s Greatest Girl Group, which was organized by the American music site Popdust. Defeating the American vocal group Cimorelli, the British group The Saturdays, and the American group Fifth Harmony.

After School is back with a song “First Love” written by Brave Brothers

 According to an announcement by their agency on June 4, After School is coming out with a new song called “First Love,” written by the hit songwriters the Brave Brothers, for the first time in four years. The group’s performance of this number will be entirely different from their previous ones.
An agency official said they will give a compelling performance comparable to what you might see in a Las Vegas show and says, ”After School is totally different from other girl groups, and their song ‘First Love’ is not like any of the usual songs you hear. In the teaser video, you can feel the funkiness and a dim yearning for love.”
They are shooting a music video of the song and will perform it publicly for the first time on June 13.

Senin, 03 Juni 2013

Big Bang tours Japan’s six big domes

 The male group Big Bang is holding a concert tour at the six big domes in Japan. This will be a first for foreign performers. On June 1, the group’s agency, YG Entertainment, said, “G-Dragon, along with the other members of the group, released this news in front of 40,000 people at the final Nagoya Dome concert of the G-Dragon 2013 World Tour — One of a Kind — Japan Dome Special.

Big Bang’s first international tour was the Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour, which toured the Americas, Europe, and Asia last year. The tour consisted of 48 concerts in 24 cities of 12 countries and drew 800,000 spectators. In Japan, they brought in a total audience of 455,000 at 19 concerts in 6 cities, including the big domes in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

This time around, Big Bang will perform at Seibu Dome (November 16 and 17), Kyocera Dome Osaka (from November 29 to December 1), Fukuoka Yahoo Dome (December 7 and 8), Nagoya Dome (December 14 and 15), Tokyo Dome (December 19 and 21), Sapporo Dome (January 4 of 2014), and Kyocera Dome Osaka (January 11 and 12) for a total of 15 concerts in six cities. About 721,000 people are expected to attend.

YG says, “This is a first for foreign performers, not only for a group but also for solo artists. Including local performers, this is only the second time, following a tour by the group Mr. Children.”

Jumat, 31 Mei 2013

Boyfriend’s Dong Hyun and B1A4’s Sandeul are cast in lead roles in a musical

 According to an announcement made today by their agencies, Dong Hyun, a member of Boyfriend, and San Deul, of B1A4, have both been cast in lead roles in the Hallyu musical Thousandth Man.
The theme of the musical is the gumiho, the historical Korean female ghost, to express the true meaning of love, which is being forgotten these days, in an ironic but humorous way. This will be Dong Hyun’s first try at a musical. He was chosen for the role unanimously by a casting board because of his outstanding ability in singing and acting.
The musical will open at the AiiA Theater in Tokyo, Japan, on September 28.

Rabu, 15 Mei 2013

DATV to Broadcast Kim Hyun Joong Drama “City Conquest”

DATV has announced they will air the Kim Hyun Joong drama City Conquest this summer. 
The program will be aired in July and features Kim Hyun Joong in the role of Baek Mi-reu, a young man who takes revenge on society after becoming bitter with his father for abandoning their family. 
Though filming had begun and the drama was pre-sold to several different countries, it went unaired after KBS denied it a slot in their 2013 lineup. However, footage from the show was aired last October as part of the City Conquest Memorial Event put on by Henecia, the official fan club of KHJ.

The drama also features Jeong Yu-mi, star of the 2011 melodrama A Thousand Days’ Promise. When City Conquest was unable to secure a time slot, Jeong Yu-mi went on to accept a  lead role in the show Wonderful Mama.

With the news that DATV will be airing City Conquest, the question that fans are asking is will they finish filming the television series now that it will be broadcast. However, no details have been announced at this time.

Are you looking forward to the new drama?
Stay tuned for more news about Kim Hyung Joong and City Conquest.

Selasa, 14 Mei 2013

Jessica shows off her glamorous figure in Hong Kong

On May 13, Jessica, a member of Girls’ Generation, attended a store opening of a fashion brand in Hong Kong with designer Jang Min Young and stylist Jung Yoon Gi. Around 300 fans gathered at the party to see her. When she showed up, fans, mostly men, shouted out and the female star smiled and waved at them.
She was wearing a bright-yellow sleeveless dress, creating a vivid mood. The cut of her dress slightly exposed the upper part of her breasts, catching the eye. Jessica blew kisses to the fans while leaving the stage after greeting the crowd.

The second teaser of the new drama series Shark is revealed

 On May 14, the second teaser of Shark was released. In the video, Son Ye Jin is walking along the seashore, wearing a wedding dress. A scene of spending a happy time with Kim Nam Gil in the past suddenly changes to the scene of an accident, creating the opposite mood. Son faces great sorrow instead of the happy emotions of a bride before her wedding.
Viewers’ curiosity was especially aroused when she wept on finding a shark pendant in the water. The second teaser contains some dialogue between Kim and Son, suggesting that this will be a sad love story. Kim asks, “What would you do if I disappeared?Son answers, “I’d search for you.” Kim asks, “How?” Son responds, ”I’d look for you until I died.”
Shark is scheduled to start airing on May 27, in the time slot of The Queen of the Office when it ends.

VIXX Releases Concept Photos For New Album “HYDE”

VIXX has released the first teaser pictures for thier upcoming album “HYDE”.

On the 9th of May, VIXX’s leader N had posted the mysterious message “D-3.삼삼삼삼!!!@.@!!!!!” on his twitter. Since then fans have been speculating whether the first teaser for VIXX’s upcoming album would be released on the 13th. It appears as though thier intuition was right. Today the group has revealed one group photo and six individual member photos, as well as the tracklist for their new album.

The album is entitled “HYDE” and will be the group’s first mini album, including 5 new tracks (as well as an instrumental version of the title track “hyde”). The album will also feature a collaboration with Minah from Girl’s Day. Songs from the new album will be performed for the first time during VIXX’s One Year Anniversary party on the 20th.

VIXX had impressed audiences with their unique concept during their last comeback with thier title track “On & On”, which saw the members wearing coloured contact lenses and powerful make-up. Today’s teaser photos reveal a completely new concept yet again. It is set in a dark forest, and there is an emphasis placed on thier toned torsos and new hairstyles. The most mysterious feature, however, seems to be their black feathered wings. Have VIXX transformed into beautiful dark angels for thier new comeback?

VIXX promised to come back with a new and refreshing concept. These pictures have certainly captured our attention and increased our anticipation for thier comeback. Let’s wait and see what VIXX has in store for us.

Ye Sung with short hair at boot camp

 On May 8, a photo of Super Junior member Ye Sung taken at boot camp was uploaded on the Internet community site of his recruit training center. The photo was taken on May 7, the day after Ye Sung was inducted into the military. In the picture, Ye Sung is smiling, surrounded his companies. His short hair draws attention. People showed a variety of reactions to the photo: “I’m glad to see a photo of him.” “Outdoor clothing looks good on him.” “I have been waiting for a photo of him.” “It’s a good thing that he is smiling.” “Short hair looks awkward on him.” “I’m relieved to see a photo of him.”

Ye Sung entered the recruit training center of the 35th Division on May 6. After finishing a four-week basic training, he will serve as a public service worker for 23 months.

PSY To Headline in Social Star Awards 2013

Is this anything new? The YG Entertainment solo singer, PSY, is nominated as the most popular music solo artist award by Star Count, the app that counts people’s most favorite stars globally. With his latest breaking record on Youtube reported by starcount, it looks like Park Jae-sang is here to nab the continuous awards of popularity as a musician and an aspiring role model in the entertainment world.
Starcount is the definitive global popularity leaderboard, ranking the world’s top celebrities and stars based on their popularity and fan engagement, to produce the ultimate social media chart. It shows the social media ranking of starsacross thousands of countries and categories, and they’ve arrived in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, to kickstart off the world of global popularity of your favorite authors, artists, musicians, actors, football clubs, anything, everything!
What’s more, he’s coming back to Singapore to now bring our “Mother, Father, Gentleman” with CeeLo Green, Carly Rae Jepsen, Asian girl-group BLUSH and Sky Blu and Aerosmith as part of the Social Star Awards 2013 event at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore! Will he receive the award, withstanding with Justin Bieber, Katy Pery and Rihanna?
Make way to get your tickets today and see who wins on 23 May 2013 – with Hollywood A-list actress Jessica Alba hosting the show, now we are seeing history made in what Singapore can hold. And immerse yourself in a nonstop concert party with the stars for an unforgettable bundle concert!
For more information, visit here to get your tickets today.

Fans queued overnight to get tickets for G-Dragon’s One Of A Kind concert in Malaysia

Last Saturday, tickets for G-Dragon’s One Of A Kind concert in Malaysia officially went on sale at Fahrenheit88. Over hundreds of fans queued overnight to be the first few in line to get their tickets, in a fear that all tickets would be sold out within a blink of an eye!

Interestingly, the first fan who started queuing since Wednesday evening, was also the first fan in the queue for last year’s BIGBANG concert ticket launch! Many who queued overnight actually came with friends whom they got to know from last year’s Bigbang ticket launch. There were even sights of parents who accompanied their children for the tickets.

Given the high popularity of G-Dragon, it was not a surprise that more than 1000 fans were in the queue before the doors opened. VIP tickets were sold out within an hour of the start of sales and tickets from other categories are running out fast as well.
Concert organiser Running Into The Sun (RITS) will also be bringing in G-Dragon concert merchandise, details on method of purchase can be found now on RITS website.

Donghae and Eunhyuk to Hold Launch Event for New Single Album

 Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Donghae are releasing a new single album on June 19th. To celebrate the release of their new album, the duo will be holding a launch event in Japan on July 4th.

The adorable pair from Super Junior are known to be great friends and have a huge fan following known as “Eunhae” shippers. So when the duo’s first album “Oppa, Oppa” was released in 2011, it came as no surprise that it was a big hit with fans. The day it was released in Japan, it quickly reached #2 on the Oricon charts and went on to place #1 on the Tower Records’ daily charts.

Perhaps it is due to the success of the first album in Japan that the duo is now releasing their second album for Japanese fans and holding the launch party in Tokyo. The album is entitled “I Wanna Dance” and includes the title song, plus an additional song called “Love That I Need.” The 2nd song was composed by Henry from Super Junior-M and features him on the album.

To see Eunhae talking about their new album,The English translation is written below.

EH:Hello, everyone. We’re “Super Junior”Hi, Im EunHyuk.
DH:Im DongHae.
EH:DongHae & EunHyuk’s Japanese activity was confirmed again!!
DH:You shouldn’t say “Again”
EH:Oh I shouldn’t have said“Again”?
DH:Yea, it’s a little bit late.
EH:That’s right.
DH:Yea, it’s what everyone had been anticipated for long!!
EH:DongHae & EunHyuk’s new single was finally confirmed!!
DH:The date is.. as far as I know,, it’s June 19th!!
EH:That’s right!! On June 19th, Super Junior – DongHae & EunHyuk’s new single album 『I WANNA DANCE』will be released!! We prepared a really great song, great single for you, so please look forward to it! This single has got many wonderful songs.
DH:There are only 2 songs..
EH:I mean those 2 are wonderful.^^; First of all, the title song 『I WANNA DANCE』is the song, which has enjoyable beat, can make you happy.. and who composed the 2nd song??
DH:Our member!! This time, I coded the role to him. He’s Henry.
EH:『Love That I need』which Henry-ssi composed and featured..
DH:Oh,, ur English pronunciation might be hard (for everyone) to get..
EH:『LOVE THAT I NEED』Anyway, two songs are in the single album. Everyone, please love both of those songs much. I’d like you to anticipate SJ DongHae & EunHyuk’s new single much. Arigato gojaima~~su

  • Source: avexnetwork

Jong Hyun, of CNBlue, celebrates his birthday in Hong Kong

 Lee Jong Hyun, of the group CNBlue, recently celebrated his 22nd birthday in Hong Kong. A party was held at the Hong Kong Asia World Expo Arena during CNBlue’s solo concert, 2013 World Tour Blue Moon, on the afternoon of May 11. Lee’s actual birthdate is May 15. The birthday celebration took place during an encore performance of the song “Hey You.” Jung Yong Hwa, the group leader, started to sing “Happy Birthday To You” and about 7,000 Hong Kong fans sang along. Lee Jung Shin and Kang Min Hyuk, other members of the group, brought out a party cake and gave Lee Jong Hyun a bouquet of flowers.

After the party, Lee Jong Hyun expressed thanks to the other members of CNBlue and his fans. Kang Min Hyuk took credit for the party, saying, “This is my idea.” Jung Yong Hwa showed expectations for his birthday, saying, “My birthday is . . .”

After the concert, Lee Jong Hyun tweeted a photo with the caption “Thank you all who celebrated my birthday. Other group members, I love you guys. You really made my day. Thanks.”

CNBlue is to continue the world tour in Korea on May 25 and 26, and in Melbourne, Australia, on May 31.

Baek Ji Young is pregnant!

One of Korea’s top singer, Baek Ji Young is now pregnant and is expecting her first child with fiancee, actor Jung Suk Won!
According to insiders, Ji Young is now entering her fourth month of pregnancy and is expected to give birth this fall.
Baek Ji Young, who is currently featured in Mnet’s ‘Voice Korea 2 ‘ as a coach and Jung Suk Won, who is busy filming his latest movie ‘N.L.L.-Battle of Yeonpyeong‘ had announced their upcoming wedding in June last month and had denied the rumours of pregnancy. However, they are now said to be expecting their first child. Baek Ji Young is in her early pregnancy stage and unable to make long-distance trips while Jung Suk Won is busy with his filming. Both reasons contributed to them not being able to have their honeymoon right after the wedding. However, both of them accepted that fact with an open heart.
The couple and their families are thrilled and elated with the news and are eager to receive a recent addition into their family. A very big congratulation to the happy couple from fans from all over the world!
  • Source: TV Daily, Starnews, TVReport

Senin, 13 Mei 2013

Lunafly Serenades Live in Singapore Showcase

Acoustic trio Lunafly had their first ever showcase in Singapore on May 12 at Hard Rock Cafe. The venue was packed with Lukies, with the first fan queueing since 7am!
Lunafly serenaded fans with their soulful voices at their ‘Fly To Love’ showcase that was held at Hard Rock Cafe on May 12. This being their first visit, their popularity was no lukewarm level. The venue was packed with Lukies, with the first fan queueing since 7am!
They were welcomed with great cheers that filled the entire venue. They sang several of their own originals such as Fly To Love, Super Hero and more. They even sang covers of other artistes such as Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber.
Sam Carter, the leader who is half-British, interacted with their fans in English and naturally became the ‘translator’ between the other 2 korean members and their fans. They even gave in to the determined requests of fans to do the popular Gwiyomi.
During the encore, they sang a medley of One Direction’s hits. The showcase ended with the trio requesting for a group photo with fans. Much to the delight of fans, the boys came up close for a photo. would like to thank organizer JNation Entertainment for the opportunity to cover Lunafly’s first showcase.

Ha Ji Won accepts the role of Empress Ki in Hwatu

According to a May 13 report by MBC, actress Ha Ji Won has accepted the role of Empress Ki, a real historical person, in Hwatu, which is going to air in the second half of this year. Hwatu will be the sequel to The Goddess Of Fire, Jung-Yi, which will take over the time slot of The Gu Family Book when it ends. Hwatu is a historical drama that describes loves and conflicts in the life of the real Empress Ki.

In the drama, Ha Ji Won play the attractive, wise empress of Goryeo, who has a powerful influence over the Yuan Dynasty of Genghis Khan. Empress Ki fulfilled political ideals and predestined love with pride in Goryeo as part of an unfamiliar foreign imperial family. The story of Empress Ki is not popularly known and will fascinate viewers with its tale of beautiful yet sorrowful predestined love.

It has been a year since Ha Ji Won appeared in The King, Two Hearts, which ended in May 2012. Viewers will be looking forward to seeing how Ha Ji Won will do. SHe has shown acting skill in a variety of genres playing very different characters in MBC’s Damo, SBS’s Secret Garden and Something Happened in Bali.

Hwatu is written by Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon, who has been credited for outstanding historical research and powerful writing skills for KBS 1TV’s Dae Jo Young and SBS’s Giant and Salaryman. Producer/director Han Hee, who directed MBC’s Dr. JIN and Over the Rainbow, will direct the series.

Kim Hyun Joong will hold a big showcase in June

 Singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong will hold a showcase for Korean fans in June. On May 13, Kim’s agency said, “The 2013 KHJ ShowParty People, which combines a fan meeting and concert, will be held at the Hwa Jung Gymnasium of Korea University on June 8. We are producing the concert because we have been sorry that Kim Hyun Joong has had little opportunity to meet fans in Korea because of his activities overseas. Kim is busy these days preparing a new album which will be released in Japan in June. He also appears as a regular on the SBS Sunday entertainment program Barefoot Friends.”

Tickets for Kim Hyun Joong’s showcase can be reserved from 8:00 p.m. on May 16 through Interpark.

Jo Jung Suk holds fan meeting in Taiwan

 Actor Jo Jung Suk, who is an honorary ambassador for the Taiwanese Travel and Tourism Administration, held a fan meeting at the Taipei International Convention Center on May 11. Fans were taken by the way he treated them to hugs, tried the local food, and even said “Hello” and “Good night” to them in halting Chinese.
Taiwanese actress Chun E Han, who is also an honorary ambassador along with Jo, attended the event, too. Jo and Chun appear together in “Futong Futon 24 Hours In Taiwan,” a promotional video for the Taiwanese Travel and Tourism Administration.

Uee tries to shine up to Kim Hyun Joong, saying, “You’re my ideal type”

In the episode of SBS’s Barefoot Friends broadcast on May 12, the cast visited Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Their mission was to act as gendong, or Indonesian porters, in order to earn their daily wage.
Kim Hyun Joong earned the largest amount of money and other members of the cast drew laughter by trying to curry favor with him.
Yoon Si Yoon was criticized by other cast members when he said, “Actually, at first I wasn’t interested in joining the cast of Barefoot Friends but changed my mind when I heard Kim Hyun Joong was going to be on the show.” Uee used flattery on Kim, saying, “My ideal type has been changed since the show began: Kim is my ideal man now.”

Minggu, 12 Mei 2013

4minute’s HyunA To Be Released From Hospital

Almost a week after collapsing due to dehydration and a very high fever, HyunA is set to be released from the hospital on Sunday, May 12th. 
Fans were extremely worried when news broke that HyunA had been hospitalized. It turns out her fever and dehydration were caused by the stress of her busy schedule. In a statement released by her managers at Cube Entertainment, it was announced that she will begin her discharge from the hospital on Sunday but will require continued treatment and several more days of rest in order to fully recover.
HyunA was a popular member of the band Wonder Girls before she joined her current group 4minute. She shot to international fame when she was featured in the music video for PSY’s mega-hit “Gangnam Style.”
While she continues to recover, the rest of the group members will have to continue their schedule without HyunA. After a successful comeback, they have been busy promoting their new song “What’s Your Name?” The song is currently in the Top 10 on the Billboard Magazine’s Kpop Chart. 
We’re happy to hear that HyunA has improved and wish her a speedy recovery as she continues to recuperate… fighting!
  •  Source: Cube Entertainment

After School’s Kahi and Son Dambi are in the Philippines!

After School‘s former leader, Kahi and Son Dambi announced yesterday in their official Instagram account that they have arrived in Cebu, Philippines. These two gorgeous ladies informed their followers that they are in the Philippines for a shooting for “Beautiful Days”. There’s no information yet on how long they will stay but they have already expressed their excitement as this is their first time in the country.
A while ago, Kahi had uploaded photos of herself exploring the beach and Son Dambi uploaded a photo stating that she’s also planning on going out to explore the place.