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Jumat, 07 Juni 2013

Ivy’s new number is a dance song made in collaboration with JYP

On June 7, Ivy’s agency released a teaser image bearing the words “IVY X JYP, I Dance, Feat. Yubin, 6.” Since June 3, the agency had been arousing people’s curiosity, releasing mysterious teasers consisting only of letters and numbers. Strong red letters announce the title of the new song, “I Dance,” and the collaboration with Park Jin Young. Park Jin Young was in charge of producing Ivy’s debut song, “Tonight’s Secret,” which catapulted her to “sultry singer” status. It played an indispensable role in creating the “Ivy Syndrome.”

“I Dance” is an experimental song that combines the three genres of tango, hip-hop, and electronic music. Park Jin Young took part in writing the words and music, including the rap. Yubin, a member of the Wonder Girls who is represented by JYP, is featured in the song as the rapper and has promised to help Ivy with her performances of the new number.

Ivy will be unveiling “I Dance” not on a music program but on tvN’s SNL Korea. The program will be broadcast at 11:00 p.m. on June 8. Ivy’s second EP will be released on June 13.

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