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Jumat, 07 Juni 2013

Kim Hyun Joong Releases Surprise Single for Fans

Although June 6th is Kim Hyun Joong’s birthday, it was actually the artist who gave a present to his fans.

The singer surprised everyone on his birthday by releasing a single entitled, “The Reason I Live” (aka “Why I’m Alive”). The lovely ballad expresses his appreciation to the fans which have supported him so faithfully over the years.

Although fans had been expecting the release of the singer’s “Tonight” album, most of them were surprised and grateful for the singer’s single released for his birthday.

The singer will perform the song for the first time in public on June 8th at a fan meeting in Seoul. June 8th is also the anniversary of the group ss501, of which Kim Hyun Joong is the leader. Several of the members have made comments lately which hint at a reunion, so some fans are wondering if the rest of the band members will be making a surprise visit at the “2013 KHJ Show- Party People,” since it coincides with the group’s anniversary as well.

The release of the single comes on the heels of a special event KHJ held in Tokyo, where he spent approximately 6 hours shaking the hands of over 8,000 fans. Reports say the singer even showed concern for his fans standing outside in the hot sun and asked them to be escorted inside. Time after time, the talented singer and actor has expressed his gratitude to his fans and continues to show his appreciation by these special events and surprises. Along with his many talents, his humility and true appreciation for his fans continue to earn him more support and respect from Kpop fans around the globe.

We wish Kim Hyun Joong a very happy birthday and many years of continued success! 

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