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Minggu, 09 Desember 2012

Yoon Si Yoon receives Popular Star Prize in China

Actor Yoon Si Yoon and actress Han Hyo Joo recently received the Popular Star Prize in China.
On December 8, Yoon and Han attended the ’2012 Asia Top 10 Popular Star Awards’ in China and received the Hallyu Star Prize.
Yoon said in fluent Chinese, “I want to thank the staff members of Happy Noodle.” Besides Yoon and Han, Wu Chun and Joe Chen from Taiwan attended the awards ceremony.
Yoon gained high popularity in China thanks to his TV series King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo. His Chinese TV series Happy Noodle will also air in China next year.
The awards ceremony, conducted by CETV, awards stars, who are very popular in Asia (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan) and have contributed to development in the entertainment industry. Song Hye Kyo was awarded in 2002.
Yoon was recently cast in tvN’s series Flower Boy Next Door with actress Park Shin Hye. The series is based on a web cartoon about the moderns who peek at other people. The series will start airing on January 7 at 11:00 p.m.

Psy says, “Joint performance with Madonna was very special”

Singer Psy recently appeared on tvN’s talk show Taxi and talked about his joint performance with Madonna.
Kim Goo Ra and Jeon Hyhn Moo, MCs for the show, visited the ’2012 MAMA’ and interviewed Roy Kim and Jung Joon Young of Super Star K 4 and Psy, who completed his stage rehearsal.
Psy said that he is keeping so busy performing with international artists. When he was asked who was his favorite musician, he said, “The collaboration performance with Madonna was very special.”
Psy also talked about Kim and Jung. He said, “I think their duet performance is the best performance ever in audition history. I personally like Jung because he has a similar thinking to myself. And I also like Kim because we are similar as well.”
The show will start airing every Monday at midnight on December 10.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon was a popular little boy

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently released a picture of himself when he was a little boy.
On December 8, G-Dragon tweeted a picture with the short comment, “Bbooing Bbooing.”
In the picture, G-Dragon is wearing a cat mask and is receiving a kiss from his friend. His cute appearance captured the public’s attention.
People who saw the picture responded: “I think he was very popular even when he was a little boy.” “He’s so cute.” “He was born to be cute.” “His friend will be surprised to see the picture.” “I think he will show off the picture.” “G-Dragon, bbooing bbooing.”
G-Dragon has donated 10,950,000 won with his fan community on December 7 to help build a children rehabilitation hospital.

Seo In Guk and A pink’s Jung Eun Ji receive triple crown

Seo In Guk and A pink’s Jung Eun Ji of Reply 1997 received triple crowns.
Seo and Jung attended the ’2012 K-Drama Star Awards,’ which was held on December 8 at the Daejeon Convention Center, to receive a triple crown for Best Original Sound Track Prize, Rising Star Prize, and Best Couple Prize.
The two stars appeared on tvN’s series Reply 1997, which went off the air in September. Seo and Jung received many favorable reviews by playing the roles of Yoon Jae and Si Won with background in Busan of the 90s.
People were also happy to hear that they had won triple crowns. People responded: “Congratulations!” “I liked their performance.” “They are the best rookies of the year.” “You are the best.”
Actor Son Hyun Joo of SBS’s series The Chaser received the Grand Prize at the awards ceremony.

Super Junior’s Yesung shows off his pink hair!

Super Junior’s Yesung is attracting attention on Twitter. Recently, Yesung tweeted pictures showing off his now pink hair. He certainly looked adorable and it fits him but fans are wondering why he changed his hair color. Some fans approved of this while others are wishing he’ll change it back to black or go back to being blonde again.

He also tweeted a photo of himself sporting and showing off his white bag. Fans are wondering if he’s promoting it. Either way, fans sure are loving it!