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Selasa, 14 Mei 2013

Ye Sung with short hair at boot camp

 On May 8, a photo of Super Junior member Ye Sung taken at boot camp was uploaded on the Internet community site of his recruit training center. The photo was taken on May 7, the day after Ye Sung was inducted into the military. In the picture, Ye Sung is smiling, surrounded his companies. His short hair draws attention. People showed a variety of reactions to the photo: “I’m glad to see a photo of him.” “Outdoor clothing looks good on him.” “I have been waiting for a photo of him.” “It’s a good thing that he is smiling.” “Short hair looks awkward on him.” “I’m relieved to see a photo of him.”

Ye Sung entered the recruit training center of the 35th Division on May 6. After finishing a four-week basic training, he will serve as a public service worker for 23 months.

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