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Selasa, 14 Mei 2013

Fans queued overnight to get tickets for G-Dragon’s One Of A Kind concert in Malaysia

Last Saturday, tickets for G-Dragon’s One Of A Kind concert in Malaysia officially went on sale at Fahrenheit88. Over hundreds of fans queued overnight to be the first few in line to get their tickets, in a fear that all tickets would be sold out within a blink of an eye!

Interestingly, the first fan who started queuing since Wednesday evening, was also the first fan in the queue for last year’s BIGBANG concert ticket launch! Many who queued overnight actually came with friends whom they got to know from last year’s Bigbang ticket launch. There were even sights of parents who accompanied their children for the tickets.

Given the high popularity of G-Dragon, it was not a surprise that more than 1000 fans were in the queue before the doors opened. VIP tickets were sold out within an hour of the start of sales and tickets from other categories are running out fast as well.
Concert organiser Running Into The Sun (RITS) will also be bringing in G-Dragon concert merchandise, details on method of purchase can be found now on RITS website.

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