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Selasa, 09 April 2013

Girls’ Generation Goddess and Pretty Deer Yoona

Let’s recall my memories back, how do I knew you ?
Ah, it’s Genie ! You always stand in front, in every Genie performances ! ^^
^_^ You just love to take selca, when you’re free ! (Such an adorable pout face ~)
I bet, you’ll remember this screenshot. This is one of the Innisfree CF. You’re a CF queen among SNSD, indeed ! :crazy:
WHAT ? You didn’t admit it ?!
Hey, you’re making an innocent face to me ! XD OK, I believe you, not just you, your 8 sisters also like to film CF ~
As SONEs know, one of your nicknames, Alligator Yoon ! XD
Girls’ Generation Pretty Deer Yoona
Eat and drink well !
(But, not drinking soju ! XD Hmm, maybe once a while, it’s OK, to release your stress after your works.)
Always remember, sleep well. (You’d been busy with your activities recently. As we became busy, we almost didn’t have time, to sleep well.)
Yoona, your dear 6 angels and 2 pervert sisters : Taeyeon (ByunTae) and Jessica (ByunSica) <—– Don’t get mad, SONEs ~
Always staying by your side, protecting and loving you !
I always support and praying for you, and SNSD, with a rapid sucess !
Wish you always smiling and laughing happily in your life !
(This is the most EPIC one, from you ! ^^)

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