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Senin, 25 Februari 2013

My Name show off their singing abilities

A video of My Name practicing singing recently attracted a lot of attention.
On February 22, a video of My Name members practicing singing at a recording studio was uploaded of the official YouTube channel of the group’s agency. It’s currently being spread through social networking sites and other online sites.
My Name members, singing Fly to the Sky’s “Missing You,” are surprising people with their great singing abilities. They’re as good as Fly to the Sky’s Hwan Hee, their teacher.
People who watched the video responded: “Isn’t it Hwan Hee’s voice at the end?” “I want to listen to it close,” “I can see that they’re students of Hwan Hee.” “The song is really good.” “My Name members are really good at singing.”
My Name are currently promoting the new song, “Just That Little Thing,” and will hold the first concert on March 3 at the Interpark Art Center under the title of The Beginning.

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