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Senin, 25 Februari 2013

Big Bang’s G-Dragon shows off a sexy look in a pictorial

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently showed off a sexy, charismatic look in a pictorial.
On February 22, the cosmetics brand The Saem released a behind-the-scene video of G-Dragon’s photo shoot for the brand. In the video, G-Dragon is writing “Global Eco” on a mirror with a lipstick.
Dressed in a white shirt and with a charismatic look in his eyes, he shows off a sexy look in the video. He’s portraying nature in a distinctive way with his outfits, accessories, and props.
A spokesperson for the Saem says, “Ever since we selected G-Dragon as the new advertising model of Global Eco the Saem early in February, the number of customers visiting our shops and inquiring about our brand has increased. We’re expecting to improve brand awareness by effectively delivering the image of our brand to customers through G-Dragon.”
The video can be seen on the Saem’s official Facebook page (, YouTube channel, and other online sites.

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