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Senin, 25 Februari 2013

Orange Caramel will release “Orange Caramel” in Japan

Girl group Orange Caramel, composed of three girls, will go abroad.
The group will release their first Japanese regular EP Orange Caramel on March 13 in Japan. The title song is called “Cookie Cream & Mint.”
Orange Caramel, who captured many Korean fans with their unique lyrics, will start performing in Asia.
The group is ready to show off their unique color through the new EP, which includes the remake of Candies’ “My Sweet Devil” and “Lipstick,” “A-ing,” and “Bangkok City.”
Orange Caramel released “Magic Girl” in June, 2010, and showed a different look from group After School. They will perform abroad after only two years of their debut.
Since the group specializes in global projects, they will give fresh and bubbly performances rather than sexy performances like other K-pop girl groups.

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