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Senin, 06 Mei 2013

Suzy sings “Don’t Forget Me” for the drama series The Gu Family Book

Suzy, who plays the heroine on the MBC series The Gu Family Book, has recorded a song for the sound track In spite of the great pressure of acting in a historical drama for the first time. Suzy is enjoying acting with Lee Seung Gi in the role of Dam Yeo Wool,bit she also shows off her singing talent with the song “Don’t Forget Me” for the series. The song describes the predestined love between Dam Yeo Wool and Choi Kang Chi.
“Don’t Forget Me” is a ballad by Kim Sun Min, who also wrote “Cocktail Love,” which is reminiscent of a springlike first love and speaks of the desire never to be forgotten by one’s love. Suzy’s sweet voice goes well with the lyrical melody and the full orchestra sound.
Fans expect Suzy to make a double hit with her acting and the song. “Don’t Forget Me” will be released through online music sites at noon on May 6.

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