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Senin, 25 Maret 2013

The date when Yesung will enter the Army is not known yet

According to an announcement made by his agency, SM Entertainment, on March 25, Yesung, of Super Junior, who just finished their concert tour performance in Seoul, will enter the Army this year. He says, “I have spent five years as a trainee and eight years as a member of the group, and I deeply thank all the fans for their love.” The agency says he will join the Army as soon as he receives his draft notice. He will serve as a public-service worker. Because he is not sure when he will be drafted, the Seoul performance may be the last one he can do for the time being, so he issued a special greeting to his domestic fans.

There are three members in the group who have completed their military service or are doing it now. LeeTeuk enrolled in October 2012, serving in the Public Relations Department, and Heechul is serving as a public-service worker in the Seongdong-gu Office. Kangin, who enrolled in 2010, finished his service and came back to the group last year.

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