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Senin, 25 Maret 2013

Afterschool becomes a clothing-brand model for Asia

 On 25th March, Afterchool’s agency reported, “Afterschool will become an advertising campaign model for the SPA brand MIXXO. On the 22th of March, the group attended MIXXO’s first store opening, in the Yokohama Sogo Department Store in Japan. The major media rushed to cover the event. Afterschool acted as shopkeepers for the day, welcoming customers and generating lots of sales. It’s estimated that about 3,000 people visited the shop that day, and total sales exceeded the goal.”
Aftershool is well-liked as an advertising model in China, so the group is planning to participate in a large-scale launching event there as well. Even though Afterschool has yet to officially debut in China, people there are already paying attention to the the group’s local activities.

MIXXO says, “Afterschool has a refined, sexy and chic charm, so we think the group is most appropriate to represent us even in markets beyond Asia.”

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