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Kamis, 02 Mei 2013

To the Beat of Indonesian Kiss Me’s, U-KISS Finally Visits Indonesia!

With all the obstacles that delayed, made changes, and to almost cancel the show, it is by the voice of Indonesian Kiss Me’s that the long-running international K-pop boy group U-KISS gets to finally arrive for their Collage fan party and showcase for the entire day on 27 April, 2012!
“We are so finally glad to arrive in Indonesia as a group!” U-KISS said during their press conference held earlier in that day. With their charity visit a month before and stating how they promise to come with all the members, the fun-filled day with the six members who were present:Soohyun, Kiseop, Dongho, Kevin, Eli and AJ made loss time made up through the two hour showcase, the one hour dinner and fansign. Sadly, the planned Hug and Hi-5 session had been cancelled by the promoter without a concrete statement.
“Kamu unyu unyu banget,” (You are all so very cute) the shy Kiseop said and made Indonesian girls blush into crazy cheers. “We just want to have fun tonight!” continued member Eli in English.
The highly anticipated new project uBEAT performed that fateful night at Britama Arena Sportsmall Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Should Have Treated You Better” as the title track was performed, along with chart-topper hits “Man man hani”, “Without You” and “Someday”.
The members has described the Indonesian fans as “warm, passionate and beautiful”. But who is the real catch for them, should they be casted for the reality show ‘We Got Married’? Eli answered, “I want to be paired up with Suzy becacuse she’s cute and sexy.” Looks like we have to move away from this English-speaking member, girls, but fret not for the other five expressed their love to the audience instead.
Games and surprise presents decorated the stage with screaming fans that kept their positive energy the entire day; there were lucky fans that was given a piggyback by AJ and be hugged tightly by Soohyun and Kiseop – how’s that for a change?
The real fanparty begins when everyone joins in to put the pieces at Oppa Oppa Live‘s U-KISS COLLAGE full fan party and showcase, that was brought to an end about 2 hours later!
Special thanks to Oppa Oppa Live for the invitation.

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