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Selasa, 02 April 2013

Girl group Secret turns the heat up in Singapore showcase

T.S. Entertainment’s hottest girl group SECRET successfully held their first solo concert in Singapore on 29 March. Organized by Fast Track Events, the concert may have started slightly late but SECRET definitely made up for the delay. With show-stopping performances, ultimate amounts of fanservice and flashing gummy smiles the whole night long, ‘Secrettime’ (fans) were more than delighted.
The four ladies; Hyosung(leader), Zinger, Sunhwa and Jieun kick-started the show on a high note with hit song ‘Poison’ followed by another fast dance track ‘Madonna’. The atmosphere escalates with every song, up to the point where some avid fans burst to tears upon seeing their idols in person. Noticing the tear-stained faces of some fans, Secret were seen signalling for fans to wipe their tears.

SECRET are versatile performers
From a sexy image, the four ladies are able to nicely transit to a girl-next-door concept and perform songs like ‘Shy Boy’ and ‘Starlight Moonlight’ with its cute choreography. They also showed their soft side and vocal talents singing to slow ballads like ‘My Boy’.

SECRET shines during solo
A sure highlight of every idol group concert is the specially prepared solo performances, this time is no different. Zinger transformed into a rockin’ rapper decked in a studded cap and hoodie. She performed her solo track ‘Amazinger’ and did a sexy routine along to ‘Ride It’ by Ciara. A complete 360-degree change, Sunhwa appeared on stage with a bridal veil. As though she stepped out the set of ‘We Got Married’, Sunhwa performed a cute version of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby Baby’. Proving that SECRET is not just a pretty-face group, Jieun impressed with an english song – Rihanna’s ‘Unfaithful’. Leader Hyosung showed why she is the best and a popular choice as an ideal type with a powerful performance of Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love’.
SECRET is recovering well
With the recent unfortunate accident, fans and media alike have been posing questions regarding Secret’s health. Worry no more! “I’m ok,” assured Zinger during the concert, quoting her well-being as at 98%.

Fanservice at its maximum
It was applaudable that throughout the whole concert, the four ladies tried their best to interact and converse with fans in English. Noticeably was Zinger, who took on the role as spokesperson and conversed the most in her accented English. During the interaction time, two lucky fans(one being the youngest girl and the oldest female) were picked to receive a group hug on stage and gifted with a signed album . It was amazing to see a very wide range of fans enjoying the concert.

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