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Selasa, 02 April 2013

SHINee’s agency says, “It’s not a copy. The melody is different”

The boy group SHINee’s song “Dream Girl” has become embroiled in a controversy over claims that it plagiarizes a Spanish song. The group’s agency announced on April 1: “It is totally not true. If you listen to the Spanish song, you will realize the chords and melody of the song are different.”
 There was a report that SHINee’s “Dream Girl” is very similar to the song “Vuelve,” sung by the Spanish singer Luís Miguel and released in 2003. The suspicion of plagiarism was brought up first on YouTube because of a video clip comparing the two songs, which received lots of hits.
An agency official said that people who cast doubts about plagiarism really don’t know what plagiarism is, insisting that SHINee’s song is not a copy of some other song.

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