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Rabu, 03 April 2013

Jun Hyunmoo cheers Shawols up after SHINee’s Jonghyun car accident: “He says he’s fine”

It has been all over forums and social networks yesterday, and at a first glance it probably looked like a very bad April Fools’ joke, but then official declarations were released and the hopes of a “just kidding, I’m fine!” were sadly put to a stop.
Luckily, the lead vocalist in SHINee doesn’t seem to have been hurt too badly: he is still hospitalized and resting, as many news outlets have already made known, but there isn’t excessive worry about the nature of his nasal injury and despite giving priority to his recovery to full health, there aren’t any significant changes to his schedule yet –excluding, of course, the immediate present and next few days, which he’ll obviously need to stay put and recover.
Amidst all the worry that spread across the SHINee world, Jun Hyunmoo, well-known among SHINee fans for his parody covers of the band, updated his Twitter account with encouraging words:
“Received Text from Jonghyun ^^ (He said) He is fine, but need lots of rest. He will recover soon~ SHINee World and Myself, let’s pray for Jonghyun’s fast recovery^^”
screenshot of the tweet

While it is still very unfortunate that Jonghyun had to suffer a car accident –which was reported to have been only due to distraction, as Jonghyun did not drink and drive, so let’s seriously talk about bad luck– it was very sweet and caring of Hyunmoo to let the fans know that their idol was well enough to send a text and say that he was recovering well.
I, for one, I’m very thankful to mr. Hyunmoo for sharing the little info.
And, when all is said and done, it’s lucky that no one got seriously hurt in the accident and, while hoping that he’ll be more careful in the future, let’s all join Hyunmoo and wish Jonghyun a total and speedy recovery.

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