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Rabu, 03 April 2013

Jay Park boosts expectations for his EP JOAH with the release of the jacket design

We’ve just been given a peek at singer Jay Park’s new digital EP, JOAH. On the morning of April 3, a week before the release of the new EP, he revealed the jacket design and the list of songs. JOAH will be released at noon on April 10. It contains three songs: the title song, “JOAH,” plus “It’s True” and “Welcome,” showing Park’s command of various musical styles, including R&B, ballads, and hip-hop.
The public got its first glimpse of “Joah” through the teaser video. It’s a sweet love song suitable for spring, so it’s expected to be popular with people who liked Park’s previous love longs, “Count on Me” and “Girlfriend.”
“It’s True” is a charismatic hip-hop song, thanks to Dok2, who is featured in it as he has been in every album by Jay Park, which shows his solid friendship with Park. “Welcome” is an R&B song with sexy lyrics.
The band Common Ground, on SNL Korea, in which Jay Park has participated, and CHACHA of AOM, who worked together on the song “Abandoned,” contributed to raising the quality of the EP and increasing people’s interest in it.

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