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Rabu, 03 April 2013

Two top stars come together! GD will be a special guest at Psy’s concert on April 13

Soon we are going to get to see a world star and one of our best “idol” musicians together at one concert. We’re talking about Psy and G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang.

Psy will do a solo concert at Seoul World Cup Stadium (Seongsan) on the afternoon of April 13. Since last summer, Psy has played a leading role in the global K-pop syndrome as he took the whole world by storm with his viral music video of “Gangnam Style,” so not only Koreans but also people abroad are taking an interest in this concert.

Psy has put over 30 billion won into producing this blockbuster concert, livening up his fans’ expectations. He will perform his new song “Gentleman” for the first time at this concert. That’s one of the reasons so many fans around the world are interested in this concert, which is to be broadcast live on YouTube.

In addition, there’s more good news: G-Dragon is going to appear as a special guest at the concert. According to the several music industry sources, GD will sing his new song “MichiGo.”

This is a result of the two stars’ friendship. To encourage GD, Psy attended the first day of GD’s solo world tour, One of a Kind, which was held in the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena on March 30. Impressed by GD’s performance, Psy suggested he perform as a guest at his concert. GD accepted the suggestion gladly because he likes Psy personally and respects him as his senior in the music industry. Fortunately, GD has no tour performances scheduled for the week when Psy’s concert will be held, so he’s free to perform there.

GD’s solo world tour has been in progress since late last month and is predicted to attract a total audience of 550,000 in 13 cities in 8 countries, including Korea and Japan.

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