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Senin, 01 April 2013

Boyfriend’s Japanese single “Melody of the Eyes” has reached 3rd on the Oricon Chart

The Korean Idol group Boyfriend’s Japanese single “Melody of the Eyes” has reached third on the Oricon daily chart. On March 29, the group’s agency reported: “’Melody of the Eyes’ is the Boyfriend’s third Japanese single and was released on the 27th of March. The song expresses pure love for someone precious, and a more mature expression of emotion by the members of the group is the distinguishing feature of the song. ”
This song was used as a theme on the original sound track of the Japanese animation Detective Conan (名探偵コナン). Boyfriend were the first foreign artists to sing for the sound track of Detective Conan.
The group released its first single, “Be My Shine” in August 2012, and the song ranked at number one on the Oricon Singles Chart. Their second single, “Dance Dance Dance / My Lady,” released in November 2012, reached  third on the chart.
The group won an award as one of the Best Three New Artists (Asia) at the 27th Japan Gold Disc Awards. Also, Boyfriend made their first appearance in a movie in GoGo Ikemen5.”

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