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Senin, 01 April 2013

Shinee’s Jong Hyun has a traffic accident at dawn and wounds his nose

According to a report from SM Entertainment on April 1, Jong Hyun, of the Korean idol group Shinee (Key, Min Ho, Tae Min, Jong Hyun, and Onew) had a traffic accident while he was going from the Dongho Bridge to Gangnam in his car. The car crashed into a guardrail.
Jong Hyun is currently being treated at a general hospital in Gangnam. SM Entertainment will adjust his schedule in accordance with the results of his complete medical examination. Recently Shinee, including Jong Hyun, began activities in Korea in connection with the release of “Dream Girl.”
A spokesperson for the group says: “Jong Hyun had an accident on his way to his lodging early this morning. Fortunately, he doesn’t seem to have suffered serious injury, but he suffered a wound on his nose, for which he has been receiving treatment at the hospital.”

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