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Rabu, 30 Januari 2013

Infinite H release the music video of “Without You”

Infinite H recently released the music video of “Without You.”
On January 28, the music video of “Without You” was released on the official website of Infinite. It was characterized by stylish colors and classy beat and choreography. With a black-and-white background, Hoya and Dongwoo show off a chic look, which is very different from the lively, cute look they show off in the music video of “Special Girl,” the lead track of their first album.
In the music video, hip-hop musician Zion. T, who wrote the song and was featured in the song, also appears.
“Without You” is a song that was released for the first time at Infinite’s concert held last year. It’s already popular among the fans of Infinite. As soon as the first album of Infinite H was released, it ranked in the top ten of the charts along with “Special Girl.”
Infinite H are currently promoting the first album through TV music shows.

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