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Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

Hee Sun reveals Soo’s true character to Young

In the episode of SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series That Winter, The Wind Blows that aired on February 27, Hee Sun (played by Jung Eun Ji of A Pink) reveals the true character of Oh Soo (played by Jo In Sung) to Oh Young (played by Song Hye Kyo). Hee Sun does this because she loses her temper when she sees Soo and Young sleeping in a bed together. She has been feeling upset as Soo seems to put Young before everyone else now, and this event just sets her off. Enraged, she has a serious conversation with Young at a coffee shop. She asks, “What kind of person do you think your brother is?” Then she reveals, “Your brother is a con man. He has only come back in your life to use you for money. That scum only wants money from you.” Even though she doesn’t reveal Soo’s identity and tells Young that he is not even her brother, Young is very upset. She snaps at Soo, who has come after them to stop Hee Sun, “Have you been nice to me because of money, and not because I’m your sister?”

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