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Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

JYJ will hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan

JYJ will hold a concert in Japan for the first time in four years.
From April 2 to 4, JYJ will hold a live concert three times at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. It’s the first time for the group to hold a concert in Japan in four years since they held the last one in June, 2010.
C-Jes Entertainment, JYJ’s agency reported, “It means a lot to JYJ because it’s the first official event for the group to hold in Japan after the lawsuit against AVEX was concluded in September, 2010.”
Selling over 170,000 copies of More, the last EP released in Japan in 2010, JYJ attracted over 200,000 people to their concerts at the Tokyo Dome and the Osaka Dome for four days.
JYJ say, “We’re very excited to see our fans in Japan. Because it’s our first concert to be held in Japan in four years, we’ll do our utmost to provide the best concert.”
A person from the performing arts industry in Japan says, “JYJ have been acknowledged as a group that shows off great singing abilities and performing skills. At the news of the group holding a concert at the Tokyo Dome, a lot of people are already inquiring about tickets for the concert.”
In January, AVEX, JYJ’s previous agency in Japan, lost a suit against JYJ. The Tokyo District Court declared that its exclusive management rights to JYJ are invalid. The court also ordered AVEX to pay damages totalling 660 million yen (about 7.8 billion won) to JYJ.
At this, AVEX appealed against the decision, but JYJ are actually free from the agency.
C-Jes Entertainment created JYJ’s official account on Naver on February 28. It’ll deliver news about JYJ to fans in thirteen countries in Asia and Europe in five different languages – Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English, and Vietnamese.

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