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Kamis, 28 Februari 2013

Infinite’s Woohyun shows off his white skin and bright smile

Infinite’s Woohyun recently released a picture of himself.
On February 27, Woohyun uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “I’m going to water my cactus, listening to music. I’m going to water just a little bit.”
In the picture, Woohyun is staring at the camera with a bright smile on his face. His clean skin and gentle eyes are very attractive.
His hairstyle and makeup are also very impressive. His hairstyle makes his face look smaller, and his heavy eye makeup makes him look more manly.
People who saw the picture responded: “Woohyun is so cute.” “He’s so handsome.” “The picture makes me smile.” “He’s so good-looking.” “He’s so lovely.” “He’s so attractive.”
On February 27, Woohyun released a new song, “Cactus,” in collaboration with Lucia.

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