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Minggu, 24 Februari 2013

SBS’s ‘I Love Sunday—Running Man’ rocks Vietnam


Cast members of Running Man received a lot of, burning attention from Vietnam.
The episode of the SBS show that aired on February 24 continued in Vietnam following the last week’s installment filmed in Macao.
Arriving at the airport, the cast draw lots of attention from local fans and outlets. Numerous fans in and around the airport reported to have formed a huge crowd even before the Korean stars arrived. Some fans were seen to shout the name of the cast while holding a placard showing the names.
On the way to a theater, a spot for a mission of the show, the Korean cast were still welcomed by hospitality from the street. Being cocky, Haha quipped to Han Hye Jin, “Do you want to be part of us?”  Guest Han replied, “Definitely.” 
Among the cast, Lee Gwang Soo drew the most hottest responses. Kim Jong Guk quipped, “You seem to be Jang Dong Gun in Vietnam.”
For the mission of the week, the cast searched about Hanoi for four swords. 

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