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Selasa, 12 Maret 2013

B1A4 Arrives In Jakarta, Cheerfully Greets the Press welcomes B1A4, the unique, fun and fresh K-pop boy group to finally reach out to Indonesian fans for the first time after a long run of Japan live event schedules. Members Jinyoung, Baro, CNU, Sandeul and Gongchan arrived the day earlier on March 10 and explored a little of Jakarta’s metropolitan scape.
Promptly arriving at the conference stage, they immediately lighten up the mood with their excited group greet and showing off their Indonesian language skills that impressed the press floor.
“Apa kabar, saya golongan darah B, Baro, rapper!” (Hello, I’m the B blood type member, Baro, rap position!). It was followed with the other members saying “apa kabar!” While the youngest added, “saya yang paling muda, Gongchan,” (I’m the youngest, Gongchan.) with a bright smile.Their arrival and event makes it even more special – not visiting the neighboring countries like Malaysia or Singapore, they came straight to Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Jakarta where Banas has been patiently waiting and gave a big cheer, to which all the members remembered and felt so thankful.
What is the main reason for their decision to come? “Because of the request of fans and audience, and through SNS our fans from Indonesia has been so supportive even though we are so far,” explained CNU.We are always thankful of the wishes, they make us feel special, and this is why this time we want our Bana Indonesia feel special with our show!”
Ms. Ratu from Big Daddy Entertainment as the organizer, added: “We are proud to be promoting them for the first time in the country. As their first ever showcase, we have seen the great interest and requests through their fans, and we saw the potential if we invited them here.”What can all audiences at their show today (12/3) expect?
“We have prepared state of the art audio technology and lighting equipment, that will fortify B1A4′s live performances that they have prepared from for a long while just for all Indonesian fans!”
Expect the great interactions and performance by the quintet with my live tweet and stay tuned for more B1A4 uniqueness (what is there most embarrassing moments on stage? What kind of activities the leader wants to do with fans?) in, B1A4′s Baba Showcase in Jakarta’s official media partner.

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