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Kamis, 28 Maret 2013

BTOB’s Peniel has been cast as MC for Pops in Seoul

 The Korean idol group BTOB’s Peniel has been chosen as MC for Pops in Seoul, aired on Arirang TV. On March 28, the group’s agency, Cube Entertainment, reported that Peniel had successfully completed his first recording of the show.
 Recently Idol group DMTN’s Daniel resigned from the program because he was being investigated by the police on a misdemeanor charge for procuring marijuana. Peniel, who was born in Chicago, Illinois, and speaks fluent English, has now become the successor on the program, which introduces K-pop to the world.

 Pops in Seoul is has been presenting Korean popular songs for 15 years since it began broadcasting in 1998. Nowadays, the program has about 100 million viewers in 188 countries around the world, so it has taken on the important role of sending the Korean wave out to the entire globe beyond Asia.

 Here is a message Peniel has sent out through his agency: “I have assumed the heavy responsibility of giving wider publicity to K-pop, and I want to be a good messenger for K-pop.”

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