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Minggu, 24 Maret 2013

SECRET All Smiles in Singapore Press Conference

17 March 2013 was SECRET TIME, as girl group SECRET held a press conference at Pan Pacific Hotel in Singapore followed by a fansign session. The busy ladies flew in after performing at the Korean Music Wave in Bangkok, Thailand and will be staging their first full-fledged solo concert in Singapore on 29 March.
The quartet consisting of Leader Hyosung, Zinger, Sunhwa and Jieun were decked in bright matching lace outfits. Despite their back-to-back schedules, the 4 ladies greeted the media with gummy smiles and high energy. Even more so when fans entered the venue for the autograph session.

Leader Hyosung apologised for making local fans wait a year (since their last fanmeet session with labelmates B.A.P) and promised a spectacular upcoming concert on the 29th. Fans can look forward to be serenaded by popular hits like ‘Madonna’, ‘Magic’ and their latest digital single ‘Talk That’, special solo performances as well as an interactive time with Secret.
Hyosung picked out her 2 favourite songs off their albums, ‘Love is MOVE’ for its light-hearted upbeat melody and ‘Poison’ which is known for its sexy choreography. When you talk about style and concept, girl group Secret can pull off both the sexy and ‘girl-next-door’ sweet image. Their ability to portray different sides, could be an attractive factor as Hyosung and Sunhwa points out.

On the topic of ideal types, Jieun reveals that she prefers someone who is ‘pabo’(silly) and kind in nature. Hyosung‘s simple criteria would be a man who only looks at her and no one else while Zinger immediately picked actor So Ji Sub and burst into shy giggles afterwards. Sunhwa -who is virtually married to idol singer Kwanghee in ‘We Got Married’- likes men who are serious in their work.

Jieun gave an outstanding 8/10 points for Sunhwa’s virtual husband Kwanghee, when asked to give a ranking by a media representative. The members felt that the characters of Sunhwa and Kwanghee matched well and the couple looked compatible. For Hyosung, a memorable impression of Kwanghee was during the couple’s house-warming party where Kwanghee ate with his hands and she found it cute.
With the recent trend of sub-units amongst Kpop groups, Secret does not plan to ride on the trend just yet. Instead, along with the upcoming album in April, the members plan to release solo albums, so look out for it!
Following the press conference, fans streamed into the ballroom with fanboards and cameras in hand awaiting for the autograph session. Secret were seen full of fanservice, throwing kisses and showing ‘aegyo’ poses.

SECRET Live in Singapore concert on 29 March, organized by Fast Track Events! Also look forward to Secret’s April comeback!

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