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Jumat, 22 Maret 2013

Two Yoons get highly praised by the American magazine Spin

According to an announcement by their agency, Cube Entertainment, on March 18, Two Yoons (Heo Ga Yoon and Jeon Ji Yoon), a subgroup of the Korean girl group 4 Minute, who have been praised in the foreign press for their experimental musical approach, will go to Thailand to promote their Asian activities from the 21th to the 23th of March. This is the second case of a subgroup gaining international attention after Orange Caramel, a subgroup of the girl group After School.

Since their debut with the single “Harvest Moon” last January, Two Yoons have received favorable comments on their musical experiment with their song “24/7” from domestic and foreign fans. This song is a dance number based on country music and is the first experiment of its kind in K-pop history. The well-known American magazine Spin complimented the song for reinterpreting country music in terms of K-pop and dubbed it “Kountry” (meaning the country genre of K-pop).

The group will meet foreign fans through such activities as appearing on broadcasts, at press conferences, and in interviews starting in Thailand and moving on through three more countries in Asia.

An official of the group’s agency says, “Two Yoons are receiving explosive response both domesticly and abroad and will continue as members of 4 Minute while they carry out overseas promotions as the subgroup Two Yoons.”

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