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Jumat, 15 Maret 2013

Which B1A4 Songs Reflect The Feelings of Each Member?

 At the first BABA B1A4 Jakarta Showcase press conference (11/03), the boys disclosed the tracks from all the albums they have worked on to reflect their feelings of this event.
“We have been training and preparing hard for our showcase, so the song ‘O.K.’ is the best to describe. It is our first song, and for all our Indonesian fans, because it is the very first tie that we have arrived here I would like to say OK, OK, OK for any requests!” cheered CNU.
Leader Jinyoung described how he is feeling like the song ‘What Do You Want to Do’ as it sparks nervousness and butterflies when you’re waiting for a date.
The ever-talkative Sandeul wants to be “the most exciting and cheerful one to give energy to my fans, and when I sing the song ‘Only One’ I immediately gain more power!”
Different from others to give power to fans, member Baro chose ‘Just The Two Of Us’ where “I get to sing solo in this track!”
Lastly, the youngest Gongchan agrees with the leader to have the same kind of feelings but he cannot wait to meet all the fans at the showcase.
Does anyone have the same favorite or feelings with these B1A4 quintet?

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