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Selasa, 23 April 2013

Check out what Ukiss Eli, Kevin and AJ have to say about uBeat!

During their recent trip to Singapore, UKiss members Eli, Kevin and AJ shared about their new project – uBeat.
uBeat is a sub-group of Ukiss, which includes Eli and AJ, and will be featuring Kevin. Eli shared with us that “Our song is very upbeat, it’s a sad song but has a fun melody. It’s kinda hard to grab the concept, but it’s gonna be really fun.”
Kevin also commented that “Fans can really look forward to it, it has been sometime since we worked with Brave Brothers. They produced our album this time. It’s gonna be really good.”
uBeat will be debuting via M!Countdown in Taiwan on 25th April, when asked on how the members feel about debuting on a global stage, the members revealed their feelings as being both ‘nervous and anticipating’.“Our first stage is actually in Taiwan, the show is all in Korean. We are very busy preparing for it but we are not sure how our Taiwanese fans will react as it’s gonna be just the 3 of us. We’re trying our best and practicing a lot. It’s also been a long time since we went to Taiwan, so we are looking forward to meeting our fans there as well.”

In the meanwhile, uBEAT have released their first mini-album – ‘Should Have Treated You Better‘. Judging from the overwhelming response and great anticipation from the fans… don’t worry too much Eli! Your fans have got your back!

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