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Kamis, 11 April 2013

Han Ga In and Lee Byung Hun attend the 9th Chinese Hwa Ding Awards

On April 10, Lee Byeong Hun and Han Ga In attended the 9th Chinese Hwa Ding Awards and the 2013 Chinese Movie Satisfaction Index Awards.

At the event, both Lee and Han walked down the red carpet in black as if they had planned in advance to come as a matching pair.

Han Ga In was dressed in subdued grace. She wore an off-the shoulder, long black dress that showed off her beautiful figure. Lee Byung Hun also chose the proper fashion protocol for the awards, appearing in all black items except for his white shirt: black shoes, black suit, black bow tie, and even a black handkerchief peeking out of his lapel pocket.

Joining them on the red carpet was Korean businessman Tylor Kwon, who is well known as the boyfriend of top Hong Kong star Gillian Chung.  In the ceremony, Han Ga In was one of the presenters of the Best Supporting Actor Award along with Chinese actor Simon Yam. Lee Byung Hun won the award for Best Foreign Actor.

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