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Minggu, 12 Mei 2013

Will there be a collaboration between T-ara N4 and Chris Brown?

It seems like K-pop stars are snatching more and more attention from the West!
Although it might be unexpected, Dani has apparently known Chris Brown since she was in elementary school. Knowing that she is currently in the States, the Hollywood star invited Dani to his performance for a radio station concert in San Jose, California, which led to an opportunity forT-ara‘s newly-debuted subunit, T-ara N4.
After the concert, Dani met up with Brown and revealed that she’s training as a member of T-ara, which caught Brown’s interest as he has been looking more into K-pop lately thanks to worldwide sensation Psy. After being showed T-ara N4′s music video for “Countryside Life“, Brown expressed his interest to collaborate with the girls and invited them to his music video filming on the 11th. However, due to the subunit’s performance at ‘Dream Concert‘ in Korea, they will be heading to Los Angeles on the 12th.
A representative of CCM Entertainment revealed that T-ara N4 will be meeting up with Brown after his return to LA to discuss topics related to music. There is currently no definite plan whether the collaboration will be done or not.

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