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Selasa, 07 Mei 2013

YG Entertainment Teases with High Fashion CL

YG Entertainment has been on a roll, teasing fans and keeping them in utter suspense regarding the upcoming comeback. Who you may ask? We are clueless too!
Having hinted of an upcoming comeback for one of YG’s artiste, fans have been making speculations of all sorts – from the hottest groups 2NE1 and Big Bang, to an artiste’s solo venture or even the debut of Kang Seung Yoon or YG’s next new girl group.
On May 7, another comeback teaser was released. This time featuring 2NE1′s leader CL. A website 2ne1loves has been set up, showcasing a 15-seconds video of CL in high fashion. It could be a hint to a possible 2NE1 comeback, one that has been promised since March/April. Or even, CL’s solo album, since she has been working on it!
As of now, there is no official confirmation. We’ll find out the mystery comeback on May 28, stay tuned!

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