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Sabtu, 23 Februari 2013

We Got Married: ZE:A’s Gwang Hee asks his height on profile to be corrected

In the episode of MBC’s We Got Married that aired on February 23, ZE:A’s Gwang Hee went to a gym with his onscreen wife Seon Hwa for workout.
Before starting workout, Gwang Hee was given the report of his physical checkup. The report showed that the singer is 175cm tall, which made him content because he was previously mortified when he was measured to be 173.5cm tall on Strong Heart while his profile said that he is 179cm.
Exalted, the hubby confidently asked, “Hey, the green colored website. My profile on your website says that my height is 173cm tall. I’d like to ask you to correct it.”
However, a trainer broke him a bad news for him. A report about his body fat showed that he has extra fat on his belly and he needs to build up more muscle.”

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